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Together Forever

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Together Forever

Post by Robin on Wed 10 Jul - 14:03

A/N: Well, this is my first fic! I'm supposed to be grounded from my computer, but having a sister who loses everything all the time makes things easy. So yeah, R&R please! They characters are probably OOC, and it's in an AU.

Summary: Instead of Jason dying, Tim died at the hands of the Joker. These are his adventures as a ghost. In my AU, only family members can see his ghost, or those he allows him to see him.


He had died, and he had been sure of it. He had been floating, floating in darkness, floating in despair, and anguish, and pain. Then the light had came, it had swallowed his body whole, and it was so bright, and it hurt so much more than anything he had ever experienced. So how was he here, standing in front of his older brothers, who were standing at the back of a small crowd of people? Had they died as well? No, no, he could touch them...but why couldn't he touch other people? The realization hit him like a bucket of ice cold water. He had died. He was dead. But he was a ghost, a being that wasn't supposed to exist. He tried touching himself. His hand went right through himself, right through his t-shirt and his hoodie, yet he looked like he was alive. When he spoke, his voice sounded scratchy and thin, like after you had cried until you could cry no more. He saw his older brothers shiver, as if a wave of cold air had passed over them. It was then he noticed where he was. He was at Gotham Cemetery, watching his coffin being lowered into a deep hole in the ground. A brisk fall wind shook the branches of an enormous, long dead oak tree above his grave. the grass was dead, if it grew at all. Dick had tears in his eyes, and Jason...Jason looked like he wanted to kill someone. He reached out, setting his hand on his eldest brother's shoulder, and was surprised when Dick's head whipped around, eyes wide, looking for, at, the one who had touched him. He stepped back, surprised as well. Dick was staring exactly where he was standing, and he was sure he could see him. Dick whispered one word, full of hope and despair, curiosity and longing.


Jason heard his brother, and turned to look where Dick was looking at. He didn't know if they could hear him, but they could feel him, and see him, so he did the only thing he was sure he could do to reassure them he was here. He stepped forward and hugged them, both of them. He couldn't move them together, but he couldn't pass through them either. He saw cold, question, fear, realization, and happiness flit through both of his brothers' faces. He was hugged back, how he didn't know, but he knew, he knew that everything was going to be fine. He would adapt to being a ghost, and although wouldn't be the same, he would still live. He would live with his family until they died as well, pulling them into ghosthood with him. And when that day came they all had died, they would all be together again. for now, he stood between his brothers, his hands tightly embraced on each side by a brother, watching without a concern as his coffin was buried under the ground. A few odd glances were flung at them when people looked back, but he didn't care, nor did his brothers. And so this is how they went home, hand in hand. All three of them were smiling on the ride back home.

A/N: Like it, Love it, Hate it? Please tell! And please, be critics. This may continue, I'm not sure right now.

Like it, Love it, Hate it? Please tell me guys, I'd really like it if I got some feedback here before posting it on fanfiction......

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Re: Together Forever

Post by Thundo Puffs on Wed 10 Jul - 14:36

*Claps* It's awesome Robs!

But now all I can picture is Tim haunting the house and walking around in his underwear, then Dick and Jason would be like...


If you want me to be a critic, I loved the emotions you put into it, almost made me tear up, and I don't even know the characters. X3 If anything I would just put a little bit more visual in. I could picture their faces clearly, however the landscape, or where they were at, I had to create on my own. Also, if there were any other characters who couldn't see Tim, wouldn't they be confused  to see two guys hugging an invisible body? I also love the way you put in so much feeling into only a few paragraphs, and you introduced the story lovely, and made it very easy to understand. ^^

But really, all in all it is really fantastic, and I think you should put it up on fanfiction.net for sure!

(Laughing right picturing Tim in the mansion stalking everyone. xD)
Thundo Puffs

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Re: Together Forever

Post by Robin on Wed 10 Jul - 14:42

XD Thank you for those wonderful images Thunder. I'll edit it like you said, and then probably repost the edited version. I'm glad you liked it. We started our first writing unit last year, and it still feels weird to get praised about things I write. But thanks so much!

EDIT: Updated my story. I think its more confusing now though XP

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Re: Together Forever

Post by Sponsored content

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