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Lengthy Posts

Post by Tsuki on Sun 4 Aug - 18:08

Suggestion by: Forest
Not only do you want to use advanced words in your post but also the length matters! Yes, I'm proud of you for meeting our 150 word requirement but what do you get over that??


~You must submit the amount of words you used in your post here
~I will deduct Zähne if you lie about your word count
~Once the month ends, posts of that month will be rendered worthless
~If I see that in your post you went on and on about nothing then you won't get any Zähne


500 words- 2 Zähne
600 words- 4 Zähne
700 words- 6 Zähne
800 words- 8 Zähne
900 words- 10 Zähne
1000+ words- 15 Zähne


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Re: Lengthy Posts

Post by Forest on Sun 4 Aug - 19:14

Thanks for this, Tsuki ^^ And with that, here is my post!

Forest sighed as Flare came over and started talking to Thunder-Paws, demanding to know what had happened while she was gone. I wouldn't do that to Rain...and he wouldn't do that to me. Flare must just be a pretty feisty wolf she thought. The brown-furred femme looked up when she heard pawsteps beating across the ground quickly, and saw Miyuki chasing off the loner. "Hmph" she grumbled, watching the Alphess return, panting. For-For's hazel orbs flew from the snowy-white Alpha Female over to her golden-furred pup. The brown she-wolf perked her ears, curious to hear what Mist had to say to Miyuki. But all he was doing was asking where they were going to go on patrol next. Meadows of Yuzuki? Wonder where that is she thought, looking away from the two wolves. She relaxed for a bit, listening to the songs of the birds, and Flare yelling and Thunder-Paws explaining to the angered lupa. Forest looked away from the two mates and back at Miyuki when the she-wolf said something about 'toilet, derp,' and 'I am awesome', then declared that it was time to move on to the meadows. She got to her green-hued paws, and started to pad off after Miyuki, taking one last glance back to make sure the rest of her family was coming.

Pine began to think. Fish. What did fish taste like? The young fox-furred wolf had yet to taste fish. But I will definitely ask Dad if I can have some when he comes back! she thought happily. She looked around at everyone else, wondering if they had ever had fish. Pine didn't recall a time when she saw anyone eating fish, but perhaps her siblings were secret fish agents...born to keep the fish alive and delicious. The russet she-wolf began to wonder what it would be like if there really were such a thing as a mysterious fish-loving wolf society.

Mist nodded at Miyuki's reply. "Okay....thanks!" he said before scampering back over to his brother, Breeze. "We're going to the Meadows of Yuzuki next!" he said in a hushed voice. "You know where that is, right?" he asked, remembering that his brother, along with Rain and Story, had been wandering around the meadow before they had finally reached the camp. Suddenly he heard the Alphess say that they were moving on to go to the meadows. "C'mon! Quick!" he said urgently to Breeze. "Uh..." he said as he tried to think of a plan so that they would be able to get to their destination ahead of the others. "I'll race you!" he finally called out. The golden male turned, and began running, following the others, starting out slower at first, but then picking up speed, hoping that Breeze would soon begin to follow.

Asgata turned her head to look over at Flare and Thunder-Paws. She began to wonder. Will I ever have a mate? the young canid thought. Her dark blue eyes wandered around, drifting over the many wolves that were on the patrol at the mountain. And if I do get a mate, who will it be? she thought. The water elemental sighed and looked down at her paws. Now was not the time to worry about things like this. Suddenly, she heard the voice of her Alphess, and looked up to see her padding away, a few other wolves following her, including Forest. Soon she saw Mist whisper something to Breeze, then charge ahead of the others. Yup, they're up to something she confirmed. She just shrugged and nudged Fall a little with her paw. "Let's go" she said, a little louder so that hopefully Pine and Story would hear her as well. And with that, the lass began to pad away towards the meadows.

Pine was snapped out of her fish society thoughts by Asgata's voice. "Wait, go where?" she asked, confused. Then she saw her sister begin to pad in the direction that Miyuki was going in. "Oh. We must be goin' somewhere else to patrol now" she realized. "C'mon, Story!" she yipped playfully, wagging her tail and tackling her sister before getting off, waiting for the gray-pelted she-wolf to get to her paws and start to follow the others.

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