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|| Ramses || Sentinel || Sun || ♂ ||

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|| Ramses || Sentinel || Sun || ♂ ||

Post by Guest on Mon 12 Aug - 6:55

First topic message reminder :

Name: Anubis Muhaarib.
Nicknames: Ramses, he doesn't go by birth name. When he was young he went by Anu.
Age: Nearly four years old.
Gender: Of the male gender.
Rank: Although he is trained as a fierce warrior, he is a Sentinel now due to an accident, still when need be he makes a tough opponent in battle.
Element: He is of the Sun element.
Breed: Canis Lupas Columbianus Arabs Hybrid. A British Colombian wolf, where he gets his large size and black fur, crossed with the Arabian wolf of Egypt where he gets his shape and accent.

Coat Length: He has very slick short fur that hugs his body.
Pelt Colour: Ramses' fur is a pure black.
Eye Colour: His left eye is a sepia tone and the other is a golden colour.
Markings and Designs: Around his eyes, he has gold markings that glow while using his powers.
Scars and Scratches: Just some nicks and knacks from previous battles.
Wolf Build: He is quite muscular from his hard training, even so, he naturally has a skinnier frame, making him lean but muscular.
Armor: Rams came from a traditional warrior pack. When engaging in battle he has his gold necklaces and bangles as well as tail brace. You would never recognize him fro the wolf he once was. As your head piece would signify rank, he had left his honorable gold that symbolized lead warrior. One rank below head warrior.

Personality: He is a very social person and often enjoys getting into "girl gossips" he is very charismatic and sometimes has a hard time keeping his mouth shut. He is sometimes seen as a bit of a flirt.
Wolf Likes: The Egyptian wolf love gold and metals.
Wolf Dislikes: This wolf doesn't like rain nor water
Wolf Strengths: He is very agile and quick, his long limbs allow him to cross open plains extremely fast. Though he is an all rounder and is a very strong opponent because of his elite warrior training.
Wolf Weaknesses: His dislike of water is a little worse then that... It's more like a phobia. He is lucky his thirst is minimal because of the arabian wolf blood that flows in him. If it weren't for that he would have easily died of dehydration by now.
Wolf Habits: He has no particular habits aside from his endless talking. No matter what, he always seems to be able to keep a convo going.
Wolf Talents: There are no outstanding talents in this wolf.

Parents: Mother/Father = Maple/Atum
Siblings: Brother = Ahmik
Pups: He has no pups yet.
Best Bud: There never was a wolf that he got close enough to be considered his best friend.
Friends: Being a friendly wolf, he has many friends.
Enemies: There is never just one enemy. There is no wolf that all fault can be bestowed on.
Crush: Someone has yet to capture his heart.
Mate: He has none.

Reference: WIP
Themesong: WIP

It was a quiet spring day at the Golden Gates Pack. Two litters were born that day. Four days later on Spring 9 the last of the litters was born. Ahmik and Anubis. Ahmik was much smaller with a light gray and brown hued pelt. His fur was long and fluffy. In contrast, Anubis' fir was short and jet black, he was also much, much larger. It was because of the strange mix of the Colombian and Arabian wolves.

Anu grew up strong and healthy where as his older brother, Ahmi grew weaker and weaker as days went by. They were born in a pack that had some of the strongest warriors in all the lands. The alpha knew that Anubis showed great promise, and for this reason alone they supported Ahmik. It was a very large pack filled primarily with only the strongest wolves, generally a wolf like Ahmi would have been killed at birth. Maple said that Ahmik was the lucky one. That was apparently how he got his name. Ahmik meaning beaver, an animal of luck. Though Anu had asked his father Atum who said that his brother was named for his element of water.

The two brothers were very different. Anubis was very out going and boasted about wins with the other wolves of the pack. Many looked up to him as a strong warrior and forgot about his weak brother. Although Ahmi had always dreamed of being a warrior some day he just wasn't physically strong enough to do so. He asked if he could be a nanny but the queens of the pack didn't want a "sick" wolf to watch over there pups. He had been given the same answer when he asked for healer. It was obvious to everyone that he wasn't getting anywhere as he was on the brink of death each day.

Even so, it wasn't like he was completely neglected. Ahmik did have some friends in the pack as he was a kind wolf and had evn fallen in love. It was a mutual love so that made Anu happy that his brother was happy.

Anubis trained hard everyday. His goal was to be the strongest warrior in the pack. Of course that was nearly impossible since even the standards for being a warrior was about the same for other pack's lead warrior. Since there were so many warriors this pack had one "Head Warrior" and three "Lead Warriors" he wouldn't give up. He met all standards of a warrior four months before his training was over. They said he could be promoted early but Anu turned the offer down. After all, where would that leave his struggling brother?

Four months later training was over. Anu became a warrior, with respect of some of his older rank members. After age one you became a subordinate and at two you got your official rank. It pained him but Anubis assumed that his brother would keep his rank of subordinate like some other slackers in the pack did. However what he heard came as a shock. He was de-ranked to omega. Deemed worthless. It hurt his girlfriend as she had really liked him and even promised to bear his pups, though she was aiming for lead healer. The break up had been hard on Ahmik, as he was left alone.

Anubis was furious at the alpha. He wasn't worthless. The alpha knew he couldn't lose a powerful warrior like Anu. To calm the warrior's rage he distracted him with missions and training. It's not like Anubis was just a strait up tank. Really he was fairly skinny compared some of the others. Though when it came to battle he was much much more agile then the others. Other queens in the pack had noticed the fame that Maple got from her successful kin. They too tried to cross the Arabian and Colombian wolf. Unfortunately they got more and more wolves like Ahmik. Of course those wolves were killed at birth, making more and more wolves hate the omega.

Hate enough to kill. Anubis had never even noticed the hate that his omega received. He was very focused on training. Soon enough he had achieved the rank of lead warrior. This temporarily made some wolves leave Ahmik alone. He who generally slept with some of his other warrior buds, occasionally went to Ahimik's secluded den when no one was looking. One night he crept in quietly beside his brother.

"Anubis... Anu... You shouldn't come here... Just being seen with me you could be de-ranked to warrior!" His brother proclaimed.

"Come on! I can't leave ma big bro behind" He replied in his Egyptian accent. The one thing they shared.

"Oh Anu... What shall I do with you? Here... Take this..." He said under a muffled breath as he reached around and carefully picked up a gold necklace that had been carved decoratively with teeth.

Anubis stared wide-eyed with his jaw hanging slightly "Wheer on earth... Did you get this? The carving on this... This... gold would have taken at least a year!"

"Really? I have to be doing something with my spare time! It was the least I could do..." Anu leaned over and licked his older brother behind the ear as a thank you. Plus the necklace he just got, Anu had many gold jewelry. Small things from bracelets and bangles to headpieces. Some he got from confessing females in the pack, some from great victories in battle and some that signified his rank as lead warrior. Out of everything, this was his favourite.

Just as Anu was about to fall asleep, he felt the presence of another wolf approach. 'Someone for Ahmik?' He was quiet confused but didn't move as not to be seen. His brother was right, if he was seen he would be risking his title. "Ahmik! Ahmik! Eleanor's herb shelf fell on top of her and she is stuck! Come quick!" Said the voice 'Eleanor! That's Ahmik ex girlfriend!' Knowing how is brother would feel if he knew this happened, for the necklace, and for being an awesome brother in general Anu decided he would help out Eleanor in his place. Besides, it is a heavy shelf... Ahmik wouldn't be able to lift it... Wait... Why did they ask him in the first place? Before any questions could be asked the unknown wolf was gone.

Anubis ran out from his brother's den and headed for the healer's den. It was very dark and the moon was hidden by some thin clouds. It was hard to see but for one thing he knew was someone was trying to set up Ahmi! For what?! The lead warrior rushed over to the healer's side. She had been tied up with vines while being muzzled! She murmured something in panic, unfortunately because of the thick vine that wrapped around her muzzle she was hardly audible. If only he figured it out... Once she was untied... 'WATCH OUT!!!' Confused and startled he stumbled back grabbing Eleanor down with him.

A loud creak noise sounded. What was going on! Something flashed before his eyes. A large boulder tumbled over the edge of the den roof! Without enough time to scream, yell or do anything the large rock fell upon them!! He didn't have to look over at Elea to know if she was died. The amount of blood that was soak his fur was to much to be his own as he was still conscious. He impulsively looked anyways... All he thought was, what if it was Ahmik? Surely he would have died too...

"MURDERER!!!" Someone screamed in such a horrid voice that he almost didn't recognize it as Ahmik's. Anubis turned to see where his brother was looking. He was surprised to see his line of vision not on the wolf that had lured Anubis here in the fist place... But on him! Anu looked around, the bolder had knocked him away and only squished Eleanor! Besides his left arm that was most definitely broken he was okay... Just how he was positioned it looked as if... As if the whole thing had been set up by him! Before he knew it the pack had swarmed around the scene yelling "Bloody Murderer" The only one who had known the whole truth was laying dead beside him.

He was a honorable wolf and wouldn't be chased out or killed by them, rather he left willingly. He threw off his head piece that he trained so hard to get on the ground and walked away without a word. Not that he didn't have a word to say, but every time his maw opened slightly the wolves around him would snarl and snap. He could hear the cheers and the yelps of joy. Then a howl. A cold edgy howl. The howl that would only be sung at the start of a black trial. A trial where they killed off the family of the criminal in front of them. At then the criminal, slowly and painfully.

First Maple. Then Atum. Ahmik was so infused with his anger at the "betrayal" of his brother that he didn't even care as he watched his parents murdered in front of him. Anubis had the two other lead warriors on either of his sides. Any movement he would be killed on the spot. Not like death wasn't already waiting for him. Anubis placed no blame on anyone for what was happening before him. This was a traditional trial that all packs still have. Sure he wasn't the killer but he blamed himself. If had never gone in the first place... Thought it through... He was supposed to be a a lead warrior for crying out loud! Yet he was tricked by such a simple plan?

They were quick to move on from the parents. They were soon on Ahmik... The small wolf struggled to break free but was easily over powered by the wolves on him. Anubis, forgetting his two guards, jumped forward, his eyes stinging with tears! The lead on his left snapped a paw down on Anu's broken arm, causing the framed wolf to jerk to the hard ground. He got up quickly and threw his whole body against him. The other lead jumped in the quarrel. Now soaked in his own blood as well as the dried remains of Eleanor's, he finally was able to through off his attacker, the other one had dropped off maybe a minute before. The one lead he was breathing hard the other... Wasn't breathing! 'WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?'

He wanted to hurl. His vision doubled as he looked down at his shaking paws. When he looked up again he glanced over at Ahmik. Now he really did hurl. He was so caught up in the whole things that he forgot... That's right... He remembered hearing the horrid screams of "Anubis! ANUBIIIISSS! HELP! HELL--" Ahmik started to choke on his own blood after that. Now Ahmik laid next to Eleanor in three, no four... Anu ran as far away as possible. Lucky, no one pursued him as he heard a "Leave him!" from the alpha.

When he finally stopped running he was still shaking. Shaking so hard he collapsed right on the spot. The adrenalin had run out and the pain in his arm kicked in. Maybe if hadn't run so far, putting so much weight... Fighting two great warriors it could have had a chance to heal. He knew instantly that he would never be the warrior he once was. Everything that he cared about... His pride, his title, his mother, his father and his brother... All stripped away from him and destroyed. It was time to restart. To start over.

"I am Ramses!"

Reason for Move: Inactivity; Ramse was one of Tsuki's "experiments" .___.

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Re: || Ramses || Sentinel || Sun || ♂ ||

Post by Rain on Fri 9 Oct - 17:16

Da colours of da rainbow~ Ahem

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