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|| Icewing || Apprentice {Healer} || Ice || ♀ ||

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|| Icewing || Apprentice {Healer} || Ice || ♀ ||

Post by Thundo Puffs on Thu 19 Sep - 16:48

Name: Icewing
Nicknames: Wing, Icey
Age: 6 months
Gender: Female
Crush: None
Mate: None
Parents: Seeker - Ice Elemental, Cyrax - Earth Elemental
Pups: None
Littermates: Aiden
Wanted Rank: Apperntice Healer
Wanted Element: Ice
Eye Colour: Jade green
Fur Colour: She is a white fae
Markings: She has black wing markings on her sides
Personality: Icewing is a calm quiet wolf who loves to just sit and watch rather than joining in.
Likes: Watching healers work
Dislikes: When people walk up on her left side
Weaknesses: Her eyesight - blind in left eye
Theme song: True To Your Heart - Mulan

History: Icewing has grown up play-fighting with her brother and has her heart set on becoming a healer..

Reason for Move: Inactivity; Icewing is the daughter of Cyrax and Seeker, and sister to Aiden. She left us along with Seeker, as they were both rped by the same person. Recently Icewing was used in a pack plot and was rped by Tsuki. She can be considered alive if ever used in a plot again.

Thundo Puffs
Thundo Puffs

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Re: || Icewing || Apprentice {Healer} || Ice || ♀ ||

Post by Rain on Fri 9 Oct - 17:38

You were almost hit by the pedophile

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Re: || Icewing || Apprentice {Healer} || Ice || ♀ ||

Post by BloodIce on Tue 29 Dec - 0:31

That doesn't sound good Rain. I was also wondering if anyone had any objections to me bring Icewing back? I'm not going to disappear this time without warning as I'm in a better spot with work

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Re: || Icewing || Apprentice {Healer} || Ice || ♀ ||

Post by Miyuki on Tue 29 Dec - 3:47

It would actually be awesome to bring Icewing back. I did the same with Pluto (except I was being lazy). Anyways, feel free to bring back Icewing. We're more than glad to bring home another wolf. Of course, you should probably change her age and other things if you want without totally redesigning the character.

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Re: || Icewing || Apprentice {Healer} || Ice || ♀ ||

Post by Sponsored content

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