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Post by Thundo Puffs on Tue 24 Sep - 16:17

First topic message reminder :

Who and What is Scorch?:

For those who have not been on the original pack site, "Scorch" was an old member of our pack. His character's age was one years old when he developed a crush on a two month year old pup. This was both strange and funny to the rest of us. In the rp it has caused some very awkward moments, which have stayed in our memories. The term "Scorch Alert" is a simile to "Pedo Alert". This story will be told with human characters.


Forest: A natural born leader and stays calm in sticky situations. Loves Tacos.
Rain: Uses wits to win against enemies. Owns a talking fish.
Thunder: Likes food and guns. Supply carrier.
Miyuki: Powerful attacker but does not follow orders. Disappears often.

Pluto: Intelligence agent. Relays information to field agents. Loves bananas.
March: Intelligence agent. Relays information to field agents. Loves fish.

Scorch: Men/man who kidnap children.
Hostage: ?

P̡̝̻̪̙̥̤a̸r͔̹̝͚ͅͅt ̪͎̠̗̫̀O҉̙N͕͉̣E͔̱̼̩̯̬

The night was still and quiet, and in an old grey building within the city, the Scorch Alert Team rested. There in the corner...Forest sat in the chair eating her taco's. Beside her, Rain stared at a wall mounted fish... but rather strangely. He held onto Fishton tightly, as if protecting the strange aquatic creature from something unseen. On the grey tiled ground lay Thunder, who appeared to be knocked out pretty good after eating so many Thunder Oats. And let us of course not forget our beloved Miyuki, she stood polishing her knives in front of a window, awaiting her next unlucky victim.

Miyuki turned her head slightly, a creepy grin escaping her face as she stared at Forest and her taco's. She was planning something, but nobody knew Nobody ever knew...

Back on the spinny office chair, Forest did not seem to notice Miyuki's hostile intentions, and casually went about her taco business, whispering and using strange faces to communicate with the Mexican food...

Then, as Miyuki still grinned, she took one of her sharpened knives and threw it right at Forest's held taco! Forest saw this action right on time and launched up trying to pull her child away, but it was too late. With a bang the taco hit the wall, the knife lodged firmly in its crunchy shell. The taco queen let out a ferocious hiss, flipping the table where she sat eating tacos just moments before. Rain let out a small gasp of alarm, crawling over to the limp body of Thunder, using his body as a shield from the flying food and weapons.

Forest raged on, using her surviving taco army as ammo for a large taco cannon. On and on they both went, throwing and shooting their weapons all around the room. At one point when both were almost out of supplies, Forest used one of her finals taco's and hit a bulls eye into the demon spawns face. Letting out a high pitched squeal, the defeated Miyuki slithered away, screeching her way out a window on all fours as she disappeared into the night. They were on the 8th story of the building, but surely Miyuki's supernatural powers would protect her. Seconds after the creature vanished, a small pocket knife flung its way into the room and slashed into Thunder's rather bouncy left butt cheek. The young man screamed, his body flinging upward and squirming in all directions. Rain just backed away slowly, not seeming too concerned with the fabulous creature known as a Fabu. The male stared at the wall, his eyes widening with shock when he saw the mounted fish he was looking at earlier was destroyed by a piercing knife.  When he was about to scream out his sorrow, a sudden call of a siren interrupted his moment of mourning.

S̻̘̜̩c̹̺̙̝͖̙̝o͏̰͍͉͙͕̼rc̪̮̹̹̬͇h͡ ̮̬̟͢A̹̩̝̬̹l̵e̶̞͕͔͔̪̮r̖͚̭͖̦͓̖t҉̘ͅ!̭̠̣̯͟ ͕̫̲͘S̼c̵̯o̧͓̼rc͉͢h ̨͙̼̮̠̰A̫͚͙̫̹̣͈ḷ͍̭̯̟͓e̥͓̰r̢͍̠͇t͍̭͖̦͔̲̬͠!̖

It was the alarm! SOMEONE is being perved on by a Scorch! It was time for action. "Let's go team!" The leader Forest screamed out. Leaping up she darted to the door, looking back and giving a hopeless expression to Thunder and Rain, who were squirming along the floor. Forest sighed and stomped up to Rain, who continued staring at the wall fish with teary eyes. She grabbed him by a ear, dragging her friend  to the special Scorchmobile located under the building. "Thundo!" She called out before getting on a elevator. "Get the jackets and lets go! We got a Scorch to kill--I mean catch--!"

"Aye aye boss!" He answered back, tearing the knife away from his butt. Blood spilled onto the floor, but oh well; what was a base without a little blood decorating the floor? He wondered where Miyuki has went, after all she was part of the team too. He knew she would show up eventually; She always does...
Swiftly, Thunder ran into the closet-- the sirens still calling out in his ears. He moved like crazy to move all the coat hangers and underwear. After grabbing the coats, he made sure he also held his special weapons bag. It was vital for each mission, as it held all the spy gear. He ran out, tripping on a pile of broken taco's on the way and bashing his face into the door frame. "I'm here!" He called out to his friends as he hurled himself just in time to the elevator.

Forest nodded, grabbing the jackets from Thunder. She held one up, smiling proudly at the letters in bold on the back saying -SCORCH ALERT UNIT 01-

"Do you have...the leather suits as well?" she asked in a whisper.

"Ueah! I got em! I grabbed the bag full of random weapons and spy stuff too!"

"Good good..." She nodded again slowly. "Let's go...."


*Nice elevator music*
*Door opens*
*DRAMATIC MUSIC and epic running scene to the vehicle*

The black van screeched, the wheels spinning against the pavement releasing a round of smoke. Thunder wasn't even quite IN the van when it raced off, but thankfully he managed to grab the door and pry himself into the back seat next to Rain with little injury. He landed on his head, and it was quite hard to adjust himself in the tight space of the van, but after some hard work his body sat positioned correctly. "Who's driving?" Thunder asked, seeing Rain in the back, and Forest in the passengers seat wearing a cool pair of shades. Rain lifted a finger and pointed to the wheel, where Fishton sat emotionless in the drivers seat. "Yo dog I got dis."


Pa҉̩̯͎̝̰r̦͕̹̭͟ṭ̤͖͙͜ ̵͙̞̻̯T͚̖̗̱͎WO̠̞͙

The car blurred through the night streets; Sirens atop the vehicle wailed loudly, alerting the sleeping citizens of their epic chase.

"Where are we heading Fishton? What's the status of the victim?!" cried out Rain, pushing his head into the front. In the passenger's seat Forest pulled out her headphones from the black bag Thunder had grabbed earlier. "Hang on...let me contact the information center. Pluto and March should know what to do!" After a few beeping noises and screaming of some nearby pedestrians from Fishton's reckless driving, a small but advanced electronic screen pulled up in front of the group. At first the screen was nothing but static, but soon the intelligence agents appeared.

"What do you want?" Pluto replied, sounding bored, swerving back and forth on a chair with her feet held up on a desk. Beside her sat March, staring blankly at a nearby wall. Both the women wore black sunglasses, and matching suits to go along. The room they were in was small and grey, but within it loads of fancy equipment beeped and glowed. In front of the two agents lay a great and large computer screen, most likely a monitor of the city.

"Guys!" Forest screamed out, "We need info on the current case! Where is the victim being held!?"

"Calm your slender arms...we got a visual on him right now," went Pluto. "We'll send you the coordinates now."  Pressing a button beneath the large computer screen another beeping noise sounded, and moments after the van's GPS navigation screen was up and running on the dashboard. Fishton nodded; he appeared to be satisfied with knowing where to go. "Thanks Agents March and Pluto; keep us updated!" The two agents gave a quick salute, vanishing along with the electronic communications screen. Forest took a bite out of a taco, turning to her field agents with two devices in her hands.

"Here," she began, "Take these ear chips. March and Pluto will be able to give you valuable information through them."

The two guys looked at one another, taking them readily and placing the chips in position. Fishton on the other hand had no ears...so it was difficult to place it on him. After much struggling Fishton eventually slapped the chip out of Forest's hand with a slimy fin in rage. Forest looked offended.

"Well then..." Forest stated dryly.

Turn right in... point...2 meters... sounded the GPS system.

 "Wait... WHAT?" they all said together. Fishton jammed on the breaks, turning the wheel with great force with his tiny fins. The group screamed; the van nearly flipping onto its side as it screeched on the pavement. Rain's face turned green, puking all over Thunder's jacket.

"WHAT THE HELL, MAN!?" Thunder screamed.

Back up front, the passenger door flew open, causing Forest to nearly fly out of the car. Her hands clutched the door frame tightly, hanging on with all her might. If only I wore my seat belt! she scolded herself.  Her feet were now almost making contact with the pavement; her grip was beginning to fail. The taco queen began to say her prayers to the almighty burrito lord, but then she had a plan. Forest gritted her teeth, she can't give up! In desperation to save herself, she tried grabbing hold of Fishton. His fin was not very solid nor dry, but she had to save herself for the sake of the mission. Pulling on the fish's fin, she somehow hauled herself back in, but it not without sacrifice. As she saved herself, Fishton was pried from the drivers seat-- his small and frail body being flung out the door as Forest positioned herself into safety. She quickly rounded the curve and managed to get the vehicle to balance.

"FISHTOOOON!" Rain screamed, seeing his smelly friend fly past his window. Fishton was gone now-- his body most likely turned to road kill on these city streets, but Rain couldn't believe that his buddy had such a tragic end. Opening the window, Rain began to crawl his way out due to his belief Fishton was still alive. "We must go back and save him!" he cried to his team.

"No Rain!" shouted Thunder, "You'll die too!"Suddenly Rain felt a strong force around his waste. Thunder had taken hold of him, and was prying him back into the van. Rain began flailing, he HAD to see Fishton. But Thunder's grip was tight, Rain could not escape.


Forest sighed sadly as she closed the open passenger door. The van had survived the turn; damn that GPS system she let March and Pluto install! She rubbed her temples, and then turned back to lay a hand on Rain's shoulder as he struggled. "I am sorry my friend... it...it was all my fault, but we must move forward...I-If I were to go now..."

"I know..." Rain replied slowly, holding out his hands to take up Forests. "Then we would be leaderless, and I would have no one to laugh with, or at for that matter..." Rain then sat back, rubbing his eyes. Forest was driving.... he couldn't hold her hands for long. Shuddering, he looked back once more just in case Fishton might be there. He was not.

"I-I will go back for him once this is over. Fishtina and March will be devastated." he muttered to the group.

Nodding in understanding, Forest moved her attention to driving. She felt awful for Rain. She would make it up to him soon, but now was not the time. They have arrived at their destination. Ahead of them lay a great tower...and at the top...a Scorch to be vanquished.


P͢a̡̩̥̳̜ͅr̥̦̹̪ț ͉͈̣̤̤͓T͈̣̥̱ͅHR̠̪̫̥̣E̘̫E̝̞̼͉̖͘

 They had driven to the outskirts of the city. It was an infamous place, known for its high crime and poverty rates. The buildings here consisted largely of apartment complexes; many were either run down or in bad shape. Out of the van, the three agents had to stay on guard. Their leather jackets would surely attract thieves who could fetch a good price for them.

Staying close together, they crept their way across the street and approached the entrance to their target structure. It was larger than the rest of the buildings, and looked much more like a business complex rather than a structure housing the living. It was taller too, and the group all had to strain their heads to see where the height would end. They would call this apartment building a tower... Scorch Tower.

Forest took a deep breath. "Alright, men, if anyone asks... we are the Italian Mafia, got it?"

 "Again?" Thunder questioned. They always pretended to be the Mafia.

 "Yeah, how about we pretend to be the Dark Brotherhood this time? Like in Skyrim?" Rain soon suggested. Thunder eagerly nodded in agreement.

 "Ugh, okay, fine," she gave in. " Now LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS!"


 "Thunder don't start."

Forest led her squad into Scorch Tower. It was very late, so it wasn't a surprise to see no one browsing in the lobby, however one older gentleman was sitting lazily behind the information desk. His back lay heavily against the seat back, and a cold cup of coffee seemed to be the only thing keeping him somewhat awake.

Rain jumped to action, hopping onto the information desk and crouching to peer into the mans eyes. "T͜h̻̗̼̹e҉̻̖ ̹̦̤̦͔̞́D͚͍̹͙̬a͙͙r̙̤͉͈̦̖k̟̻͔̭̀ ̖͕̭̳̭͈͟B̩̳̠̰̗ṛ̟̙̬o̡͉̭̯̹̥t̨̻̰̗h҉̬e̷̝̙̘r̗͈͎̬͉̹h̰͙o̻ͅo̩͔̥͈ḏ̵͓͙̙͍ ̱h̴a̠̰̞͈̬͖̬s͇̗͉͍͇̖̤͜ c̰͢o͔͚͍̭̜m̗̭̲̮e ͢t͕͈o̙ ͔̻̪̹͙͉̀e̺͙̪̖͈x̘̭̫̝͙̺t̨͙̪e̺̦̻r͎̺̼m̻̺̩̳͕̞̖i̫̤̬̙̮̫̯n̪͕̥͔̲̯a҉͚̩t̀e̞̞͎̣̮̱̠͞ ͇̻̺̜̪̺͕͟y̡̙̻̠o̦̻̞̰ụ̭̳͝r̠̖̮̬̀ ͇̺̙̪w̻̖͇̘̰̹re͍̲̮̫t̫̭͚̤̙̳͟c̮̣̬̗̬̝͝h̼̙͖̙͜ḛ͚͍̝̻̦͎d͖̭̲̤̖ ͙̫̙͔̖̱a̶̰n̥̼d̤̳̥̹͡ ̨͖̤p̧̭̹̙̫͓̳ͅi̩̪̖̘̝͇̬͘t̹̦̫̳̼i̶̥̠f̢͎͈̙͎̬̖̘ul̯̥̜̟̳̲ͅ ͇r̶̭̤̙̺e͈̩a̢͉̱l҉̰͙͎̭̝̪͙i̲̤t͚̮y.̛̥.̪͎͖̫̝̥͜.̣̫͔͖̥ͅͅ"

The man responded with looking both startled and yet deeply confused by this statement, but mostly confused since he appeared to be too tired to even have heard what Rain had said. It was also hard to comprehend that a man in tight leather pants had crawled up onto his desk and was now staring into his soul. That was sure to cause some slight confusion and questioning as well. "W-Who are you? Is that you, Gerda?" the man asked drowsily.

"Rain!" Forest shouted, "You are NOT really part of the Dark whatever, so get your candle back over here and stop being scary! You always take this so damn seriously!"

The "DB Assassin" scowled, narrowing his eyes at the man behind the counter. Slowly, Rain pulled out the tail of a mackerel and dipped it into the cold cup of coffee. "Watch your candle..." he muttered darkly.

The man looked own into the cup in amazement. "My what...???" he asked intrigued.

Rain did not answer, and instead slid off the desk to slowly make his way back to Forest and Thunder. They all looked at one another in complete and total silence... but then a familiar ping from their headsets caught their attention. "Can you all hear me?" a voice asked. They all recognized the voice as March. Rain bit his lip, remembering Fishton... but he would keep his mouth shut for now. "Pluto and I have found the specific location of where the Scorch is holding someone captive... Our devices have picked up the sounds of a confirmed Tsundere and some perv up on the 22nd level. This one will be tough..."

The trio nodded, thanking March for her info. Their headsets gave way to static, and then silence. "Ze elevator!" Forest ordered. And to the elevator they went, running along side by side. There was an increasingly strange and evil aura that seemed to radiate as they moved closer to the elevator, however, the three chose to ignore it and continue on. Apartments were always creepy anyways...

"I call pressing the button!" yelled Thunder, managing to reach the doors first. Both Rain and Forest narrowed their eyes. They had wanted to press the button... Thunder giggled, hopping up and down as he waited for that signature ding. There is just a satisfying feeling when one presses a button. Thunder stepped forward, waiting for the doors, but that was when Forest felt a disturbingly familiar force. "No Thunder, WAIT!"

The doors opened, and immediately Thunder was shot flying back sending him barreling into Rain. A cloud of noxious smelling gas soon surrounded them all, making it difficult to see or breathe. "Y-You!" Forest coughed. What floated before them was none other than Miyuki's butt; it gave a small toot in greetings. They all tried reaching for their weapons, but the smell was too strong; They had to hold their mouths and noses to prevent them from passing out. Their eyes watered and their mouths burned from the stench. The butt jiggled in happiness; it appeared to be laughing... but then, the butt cheeks expanded. Out the hole came tentacles of all sizes. With one mighty swoop the creatures wrapped around Forest's body, lifting her into the air as if a rag doll. Rain tried crawling forward through the gas, but both him and Thunder were too far away and too busy choking to offer any help for their poor teammate. Thunder searched frantically for the bag which held the anti-butt items, but to no avail. Meanwhile, the Scorch team leader struggled with all her might. Her limbs still free, Forest tried punching at the tentacle arms, but nothing she did seemed to harm them. For Thunder and Rain, they could only hear the sound of their friends pitiful struggle. An eerie silence then overcame the two, and slowly the gas cleared. Coughing and rubbing the tears from their eyes, they had realized the worst had happened. Forest was gone.

"No, Forest! Not you too!" Rain cried out. First Fishton, and now this. Nothing good seemed to be happening for the fish loving agent. Staggering to his feet, Rain sprinted to the elevator doors and began banging on them... cursing the being that was Miyuki's butt. "That....that....that ASSHOLE!"

Meanwhile, back on the floor, Thunder was rolling along the hallway. He was desperately trying to get the taste of butt out of his mouth. "It farted right in my mouth! It farted. INSIDE ME!"

Rain looked back and sighed; now he was stuck with this idiot. Oh, Forest, please be alive... he begged. Something told him that she was in fact...alive. The butt and her were sworn enemies, fated to forever battle along with Miyuki. If their leader could endure both that knife psychopath and her butt, then the least Rain and Thunder could do was complete this one mission. Suddenly gaining a burst of loyalty and confidence, Rain pressed his finger against the elevator button. Fishton and Forest were counting on him.

Noticing Rain take charge, Thunder did the same by hopping to his feet. He ran over, scrubbing his tongue with a brush that he had pulled out of the no longer lost bag.They now both waited patiently for the elevator doors to open. Would the butt still be there? Nervously, the two watched the doors slowly open; There was nothing inside other than a lingering scent.

At the same time they sighed with relief. The two looked at one another, and then entered the small space that would soon take them to Scorch. Thunder tightened the bag around his shoulder. In it he carried weapons and supplies the team would need to take down their target. The elevator rumbled, slowly rising into scorch territory...


P̱̣̭̹͓̳͡a͞r̵͚͙t͕̘ ̞̭̜͟F̨͈̙̰̦ͅÓ̖͔̤̦UR̻̟̱

They said nothing to one another, their minds set on only one thing-- to defeat Scorch, avenge Fishton, and bring back Forest. Suddenly though..the elevator jerked to a stop. This was not their destination. At first they looked to the doors, testing to see if they would open; They would not. Rain swore under his breath, if it was that butt again...

Meanwhile, Thunder tossed his bag to the ground, opening the zipper to shove his hand inside. Out he pulled some kind of large weapon; Rains eyes widened. "You're not going to use that are you?"

It was a launcher, and a very large one at that. How that thing fit into Thunder's small bag... Rain hadn't the clue. The thing nearly smashed into his head as Thunder pulled the whole thing out. The launcher had taken up most of the elevator's room, "Don't worry, I got this!" Thunder chided. Rain moved to a corner of the elevator, ducking down as he prepared for the worst. That young man always had to go the loudest route...

Thunder took out a box and poured in his faithful Thunder Oats into the loading area of the gun; he was smiling sadistically, "Fire in the hole!" he screamed. The launcher shook violently, and soon it exploded a beam of Thunder Oats at the doors. At first the cereal simply reflected off, hitting both Thunder and Rain in the face. Thunder simply kept his mouth open and relished the feast. Creaking, the doors soon gave way the pressure, and Thunder and Rain were free once again. As the noise died down, the two peered out the doors. They weren't near any floor level doors; They would have to climb the elevator shaft to reach a level. "Looks like we gotta climb..." Thunder murmured.

Rain mumbled in agreement. They were field agents, so a little climbing was nothing to them. Many years of training have led them to be ready in such situations. One thing still bothered the two though. Why did the elevator stop? Could the Scorch know they were here? But if so, surely he would have fled and not go through this much trouble, "Perhaps he knows how fabulous we are and knows that fleeing is pointless!" Thunder commented as the two climbed. Rain wasn't so sure...

Eventually the two had climbed to what seemed to be the 20th floor. They were still in the shaft unfortunately, hanging onto a ladder and staring at the doors that lead to another floor. Luckily, Thunder had a solution. March's tail would prove most handy in such a situation. Of course it wasn't the actual tail of agent March, but merely a iron replica that served its purpose as a weapon and crowbar. Rain thought on more simpler terms, and just turned to press a button on the wall, opening the doors before Thunder could get a chance to use his little gadget. "You do realize workers build add buttons in the shaft... right?"

What a show off... Thunder thought.

As the two made their way into the main building, they noticed the hallway looking much the same as the first. Dark, eerie, and a awful shade of carpeting. Blue-green... honestly who would make a carpet that color!? The duo shook there heads, obviously disappointed at the carpet choice. Thunder then reached down into his bag and gave Rain a pair of night vision goggles. They both found it strange how dark the hallway was. Slipping on a pair of his own, Thunder took to the front and stalked forward. There was a humming noise up ahead, and a faint yellowish light shown from under a doorway. Thunder put his fingers to his lips, singling the other agent to keep quiet. Rain just blinked, it was Thunder who had to worry about being quiet...not him. The two kept to the walls, inching closer to the door. While the hallway creaked with every step, no one seemed to take notice of the two agents presence. "This isn't even the right floor, Thunder!" Rain whispered sternly, "These people have nothing to do with anyth-"

"Shhhhh, silence my brother," hushed Thunder.

The agent had pressed his ear against the doorway. Rain simply sighed, knowing nothing could change his partners mind. Thunder twitched his eyebrows; He seemed to be listening intently. Rain himself also kept his ears opened. There was laughter on the other side.

"I wonder what's going on in there..." Thunder said, his eyes sparking with curiosity.

"Who cares? We didn't come here to peek on other people!"

Thunder didn't seem to listen. There was a light in his eyes that Rain didn't like. "Let's just ask if they know anything!" His eyes were pleading.

"They are not going to know anything about a pedophile keeping a hostage!" Rain cried; his patience was wearing thin. Why was this guy  so keen on going in there anyway? They never got directly involved with people while on duty. His eyes widened in shock when Thunder took up his hand and knocked. "You idiot!" Rain screamed. The people inside would be breathless when they saw a guy in leather suiting and night goggles just make his way in. Muttering words, Rain watched hopelessly. That is when he found what Thunder had been eyeing.

"That's a really good brand of cereal you have there..." he heard Thunder say inside, "But may I interest you in something with more...refined taste?"

"Oh my god..."

Rain should have known better. Any type of cereal would get Thunder overly excited; he was just annoyed that he didn't spot the box in time. Sighing, the agent walked inside and took off the goggles.

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Post by Rain on Sat 10 Oct - 16:13

Needs another mission indeed. Scorch.. Damn it xD

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