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I Can Hear Them Moving

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I Can Hear Them Moving

Post by Forest on Fri 7 Nov - 14:48

Vincent turned his patrol car onto the road that led to the trailer park. He had been sent to investigate the area after a number of deaths. The first case had been that of Woody Lambert, a young boy. The next had been of a young woman named Carrie Fitch. The two deaths had occurred not far apart, only a matter of days. Woody Lambert's death had only fazed a certain amount of campers; however, the next death drove the owners of the park into bankruptcy, and investigators were sent in once the park was officially closed down. Despite sending in the best of the best in Minnesota, no clues were able to be found. That is where Vincent Villemaratte came in. Though he may look stupid, sound stupid, and act stupid, the twenty year old French-Canadian could really think if he tried hard enough. 

It was a chilly, cloudy November day in Minnesota, but Vincent didn't really mind. He had grown up in Canada; he was used to weather like this. Besides, fall was his favorite season, next to winter. He almost wished it was winter, except that it would be harder for him to notice any evidence laying around outside with snow covering it. And who knows, Vincent would probably slip and fall on a patch of ice or something and cause another death at the park anyways.
He slowly pulled into a parking space in the lot of the check-in area of the park, and got out of his car. Before doing anything else, Vincent walked to the back of the car, and opened the door to let his dog Cedric out. The white wolfdog jumped down onto the ground and nosed Vincent's hand. Vincent patted his dog's head, then began walking over to the check-in building. The gravel beneath his feet crunched and crackled, but Vincent didn't mind. It was one of his favorite sounds. He and Cedric reached the building, and Vincent reached out to put his hand on the knob.

Inside, there was a desk with a cash register against the back wall. There were empty shelves scattered around on the floor as well, indicating that it had once been a small shop for the campers. The one thing that caught Vincent's attention, though, was an ice cream freezer. He ran over to it and looked inside, only to find that the ice cream supply had been shot. "Darn..." he said, and slowly turned around, crestfallen. Cedric was sniffing around in one of the corners, half-hidden by a shelf. Suddenly there came a snarl from the wolfdog, and his body jerked forward. Vincent was instantly beside his dog, and looked down to see a squirrel laying limp on the floor, twitching. "Eww."

After a few minutes of poking around, the cop and his dog went back outside, and crossed the main road to get to the other side of the park. Over there was the park's restaurant and bar, along with an empty pool. "Oooh, drunken drowners" Vincent commented as he opened the door to the restaurant, Cedric at his heels. The restaurant looked the same as the shop had-empty, and more like a restaurant. Behind the counter of the bar, Vincent found an untouched bottle of vodka that had somehow escaped being collected by the officials who shut the park down. He picked it up, and gazed at it. "I may be only twenty...but they can't arrest a cop, can they?" He put his other hand on the cap, but realized that he needed a bottle opener only after he hurt his hand.

"Forget it" Vincent said, and set the vodka down on the counter. He looked down at Cedric, who looked back up at him. Vincent sighed and ran a hand through his black hair. There definitely didn't seem to be any kind of evidence here at all. Maybe the other officers sent him here just to get a break from him. Maybe they really didn't like him. But then there was that one lady officer, Valentina Mae. She seemed to like hanging around with him. Vincent smiled stupidly and pulled his phone out of his pocket.

After dialing Valentina's number, he lifted the phone to his ear and waited. As he did so, his mind pulled images of Valentina out of his memory. A young lady of twenty three, with shoulder-length blonde hair and eyes like emeralds. The baby-blue fingernail polish, the thin line of black eyeliner, the ballet-slipper pink lipstick... "Vincent?" The boy jumped in surprise. "Hey, Mae Bae" "What are you doing? I thought you were supposed to be at that trailer park?" "Oh, I am! I just...wanted to ask for your advice on something." "Oh really? What is it?" "Um..." A very awkward silence followed, as Vincent had absolutely no idea what to say as an excuse. "Exactly. I don't mean to be rude, but you should stay focused on what you're doing right now, Vinny. You can call me back when you're done for the day. Okay? Bye!" "Bye..." Vincent shoved his phone back in his pocket, and stared at the floor for a while.

"Come on, mon ami" Vincent finally said, patting his leg as a signal to Cedric. Now with his dog beside him, Vincent exited the building. Across from the restaurant was the owners' house. The couple that lived there had given him permission to sleep there if he needed, since they would be housed somewhere else while the investigation was going on. As he opened the door, Vincent thought about the couple. He thought he remembered something about their son disappearing just a few days before the first death...unless he was just getting it mixed up with another case his ears had managed to catch around the police headquarters.

The first room that Vincent and Cedric arrived at was the living room. It had a cream color carpet with dark brown furniture, a coffee table, an average sized television and several nature pictures scattered across the walls. There was even a nicely sized brick fireplace with little golden knobs that were placed on the tiles right next to the fireplace. To the right were stairs leading to the second floor, but Vincent ignored those and went further into the living room. He went and stood in front of the television, and noticed a few baskets of paper near the TV stand. Bending down, Vincent shuffled through a few of them, and pulled some out. Looking at the paper he had pulled out, he noticed it was a court paper. Vincent narrowed his eyes. It was for the park owners, the Morrisons, versus some people called the Bennetts. Vincent's brown eyes lit up. He had definitely heard the name Bennett before...just where had he heard it?

Vincent shrugged and put the papers back into the basket. As he stepped back into the center of the room, his eyes were drawn to the fireplace. Out of boredom, he decided to get a closer look at it. As he approached it, Vincent tripped over one of the golden knobs. Once he regained his balance, he turned to look at the knob. To his surprise, it had come completely out of the tile. As Vincent picked it up, a small strip of paper fell out of the knob. He immediately dropped the knob and snatched up the paper. His hands quickly unfolded it, and his eyes began to read. "Since I know you'll forget how to open the passage, here's a reminder: push the top right brick twice, the bottom left brick once, the top right brick once, the top left brick once, and the bottom right brick twice."

"I found something, mon ami!" Vincent declared loudly. Cedric was soon beside him, and after the dog had sniffed the paper a few times, Vimcent turned to the fireplace. Now he noticed that at the four corners, there were bricks that stuck out further than the others. Following the directions carefully, he began to press each of the bricks in. As he did so, his heart began pounding. Was he really about to open a secret passage leading to who knows where? He took a deep breath before he pushed the final brick in. Nothing. Vincent's chocolate eyes showed nothing but the highest degree of disappointment. He stood back up, only to have to bend back down. He heard a noise suddenly coming from the fireplace. Cedric let out a small whimper, and looked at his owner. Vincent could hardly believe what he saw. The back of the fireplace had opened to display a dark passage with a ladder going straight down.

(Yas...you guys make sure I finish this, okay? Yell at me, double post on this, message me, bombard me on kik, do whatever if I forget about this, because this is going to be something big someday...)

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Re: I Can Hear Them Moving

Post by Rain on Mon 10 Nov - 7:09

Omg yes xD
I've always loved your stories xD

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