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Best and Worst?!

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Best and Worst?!

Post by Guest on Thu 25 Dec - 10:38

Get anything absolutely amazing for christmas? Totally disappointed in the lame presents you got?
Do you not do christmas? Do you not do presents? I wanna know!
Share you're best and worst christmas presents, this year, or ever!

My best this year: A Tambourine and Djambe!!! I am totally a geek!!
Worst: A toothbrush. Thanks mom. -.-

My best ever: GUITARS!!
Worst: You know the usual, socks and underwear.  ICK!


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Re: Best and Worst?!

Post by Rain on Thu 25 Dec - 13:21

Oh... You got such fabulous things this year! x3

This year:
I got some money on account for... Stuff... I'm really happy because of that...

Worst... Uh... Erasers? xD

Any year:
I don't know, really... I need to think about that...
Edit; Best kind of present I've ever gotten on Christmas must be the day I got to completely confirm I love someone, and that they love me back <3

Worst ever must be that box of stones, which said "Magical Eggs" on it... xD


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Re: Best and Worst?!

Post by Forest on Thu 25 Dec - 19:36

Oh gosh...xD

Best this year: A 3DS with two games, including Zelda, Beats headphones, and Hyrule Historia (I can't choose between dem okay xD)

Worst this year: Uh...idk...books I didn't ask for?

Best of all: Someone who loves me as much as I love them <3

Worst of all: Idk really...underwear? xD Though they were pretty fab...

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Re: Best and Worst?!

Post by Luna on Thu 25 Dec - 21:03

My Best this year: Headphones! Very Happy
My best YET: Mah pink Laptop. Very Happy 
My Worst this year: Badluck. Dude, my trip took too long in the bus, we stayed in the Condominium for like 3 hours, and I broke the Condominium's vase. :/

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Re: Best and Worst?!

Post by Thundo Puffs on Thu 25 Dec - 22:00

My Best this Year: Eh... I didn't really ask for anything, so... Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Assassins Creed Rouge for PS3

My Worst this Year: Hair pins from my aunt I'll never wear

Best of All: The year I got my first gaming system (PS2), and the time I got a Nintendo DS

Worst of All: Bro idek

Thundo Puffs

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Re: Best and Worst?!

Post by Sponsored content

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