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"_" Ch 1(PG to 13)

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"_" Ch 1(PG to 13)

Post by Robin on Wed 31 Dec - 2:44

Yes, this one has no title. I can't think of one. So it is simply _____. I'm open to suggestions, if anyone has any ^.^

*ahem* LIKE IOB. This a Batclan and Fairy Tail crossover. And One Piece. BUT GUESS WHAT? THERE'S BLEACH IN HERE TOO. CROSSOVERS. CROSSOVERS EVERYWHERE.I can't help iiiiiittttttttttt. THEY JUST HAVE SUCH GOOD CHARACTERS.

Anyways, this story is actually not past chapter five. Unlike Descent, which has 16 chapters mapped out, and IoB, which has fifty-ish plus any filler or extra I decide to add along the way. That goes for Descent as well.THUS SO. These three are the only three out of... six, possibly seven that I consider READER APPROPRIATE and/or not abandoned. If I can't think of anything more to add to this story when I hit chapter five, I'll put a poll... somewhere to decide what Ill put up while I brainstorm ideas. I know where I want this story to GO, just not how to GET IT THERE. Which sucks. And I've been pondering over this for a while. Maybe posting it will kick my mind into gear...

*ahem* THIS HAS PIRAATTTTTTTEEEEESSSSSSSS. Duh. One Piece. Wait... not duh. IoB has One Piece and there's not much to do with ships in there... BUT PIRATES. AND ROYALTY. AND. UH. YEAH. LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE I WRITE, ROYALTY. AND MORE ROYALTY. SCREW BEING A COMMON PERSON, NOBODY WANTS TO KNOW ABOUT THAT. PEOPLE WANNA KNOW BOUT BEIN IMPORTANT. Also, it just makes it funner for me, because then I can justify totally screwing over a ton of people with half-important characters who ALSO HAPPEN TO BE ROYALTY *hint hint*

Y'know what, Just have a poll here. And because I'm a lazy butt, and don't know how to make a line break... You can vote WITH POOOOOSTS. I'll try to classify them as well as I can.


Option 1: Panther What? | Votes: 1
     Timothy isn't your average young teen. He lives with his psuedo-brother, Rick, in an apartment on the bad side of town. Rick's parents are never around, and Tim doesn't know who his parents are. Since age nine, he has no memory of his life. Attending school one day, he comes to find out on the Selection Day(or something like that) that he has magical powers! What is going to happen to him now? How is Rick involved in all this? And will Tim ever figure out what happened to him up to age nine?
     Fandoms: DC
     Genre: Action, Mystery, Adventure
     Special Features: Powers of all kinds
Option 2: Phoenix | Votes: 0

Cobra is the Lycan Alpha. Like, the alpha alpha. Of everybody. Robin is a younger-than-average Night Life Hunter, picked on by his peers near constantly, and with a secret so big it could destroy half the city. Zoro is the only ever Lycan to desert the pack and become a hunter on an experimental basis. Midnight is the secretive Queen of the Vampies. Each section, the Lycs, the Vamps, and the Hunters control an equal third of Echo City. What happens when their lives are thrown together in one giant hodge-podge bowl of tug-o-war over the last living veela?

     Fandoms: DC, for Hunters. Naruto, for Vamps. Fairy Tail, for leaders. One Piece for Zorro, cuz he's a bad-*ass.
                          Harry Potter, because I needed a siren-type thing. If I've got any hard-core HP fans out there, I'm
                          taking the term 'veela' and applying it PRETTY LOOSELY. Bleach, for Grimmjow alone.

     Genre: ROMANCE, Mystery, Supernatural, Action...?
     Special Features: THE SUPERNATURAL. And Romance.
Option 3: The Century Races | Votes: 1

After WWIII and the re-outbreak of the bubonic Plague, the population of the human species dropped from billions to a mere 3 million. Government officials world-wide recognized the need to stop all conflicts to ensure the survival of the human race. Mobilizing, they gathered all people on a continent into one major city. Thus so, there are seven cities in the whole world. All other cities were abandoned or are nuclear wastelands. A hundred years have passed since then.
     Within each city, there is a system of castes. You are born into a caste, but can move up and down through various, often fatal ways.  Everything is based on order. ]b]Everything.[/b] Every caste has less freedom than the one above it, until you hit the Labor-Caste. In the Labor-caste, we find our rag-tag group of heroes.
     When our heroes run away while on a forced school trip, they are forced into a choice between death or the Century races, a brutal game against another team with a high mortality rate. They all choose the Races, but soon find themselves tangled in the web of lies that's the caste system. Who can they trust? Who will make it out alive? Or will the Races claim them before they even get the chance?

    Genre: Action, Suspense, Mystery, Drama, Dystopian, Sci-fi(I guess)

Did I mention this was in first person? Of which I struggle horribly with present and past tense? So it switches?

    "I just love the sea," I announced, inhaling a deep breath of the wonderfully salty air from my perch on the bowsprit. It'd been over a week since we'd set sail, and I couldn't be happier.
    "Easy for you to say," mutter Rick, my eldest brother. He had motion sickness bad, so this trip to Allar was absolute hell for him. Popping a small white pill in his mouth, I knew within the next few hours that Rick would be back to his normal, loud-mouthed self.
    "You didn't have to come," I reminded him, "I would've been fine traveling to Allar alone. Since I'm a political envoy, warfare is forbidden. The only thing I'd have to worry about is pirates."
    Smirking, Rick pulled me down onto the deck, much to my chagrin.
    "Exactly little brother. Pirates are a very real threat, and since this is my ship, I decided to travel on it for once. Though the chances of being attacked on a ship this big and well-armed are little, it could still happen."
    Still holding onto me, Rick led me back down to the Main Deck. Rolling my eyes, I pulled my arm out of his grasp. I wasn't a little kid.
    Down on the main deck, I leaned against a rail along with Rick, chatting about the random-est of things. A young man headed for us and waving his arms drew our attention though.
     "'Ello Cap'n! How;s th' young Princce Rob'n farin' so fer fr'm 'ome"
    The man had cherry red hair, and a vibrant, happy face. He had a small goatee, and was slightly on the chubby side. Dubbed Martin, he was Rick's lieutenant. Annoying as fudge, with that too formal way of speaking whenever I was around. There was no way he spoke like that when I wasn't around.
    Sighing, I pushed off the rail and started to wander off somewhere. Martin was filling Rick in on some stuff I didn't care at all for. Didn't concern me anyways. Everywhere I went,  shipmates moved out of my way. God, so annoying! So what if Rick and I were technically the crown and youngest princes of Calyra? They didn't act this way around him! I almost missed by own little boat back home, sitting on the edge of the enormous lake that enveloped the back half of the castle. While it gave me no real sea-faring experience riding around in that boat, I was a damn good navigator.
    Finding my way back up to the bowsprit, I climbed back out to sit on it. The sea breeze sure was nice... My normal flashy attire(that I hated) had been set aside for the traveling part of this trip. Stuffy, restricting, and itchy, those clothes were the bane of my existence. However, I did like the clothes I had on right now quite a bit. A simple pair of loose black trousers and a red tunic made of this wonderful new material they called 'silk'. It was smooth as butter, and soft as a newborn lamb. Later on, I figured I'd exchange it for a cotton tunic though. This shirt was still a little too nice for my tastes.
    Besides that, I had standard issue black leather boots that went up to my mid-calf and had silver clasps along the side. With my messy raven hair spiking up everywhere uncontrollably, you'd never guess I was a Prince if you didn't know me. However, the two items always wore identified me from the rest of the crowd.
    You see, each of my three brothers and I had some sort of object that signified them as a Prince. My eldest brother, like I said, Rick, always wore a golden ring on his left index finger, and carried a broadsword with the hilt in the shape of a bird's foot at his side.
    My second eldest pervert of a brother, Jason, always had this weird thing he'd made on his thigh to hold his daggers. An invention of his own design, he had attached the sheaths of his daggers to a square ice of hardened leather, then used two leather strips threaded through the top and bottom of the square to tie it to his leg. Jay had even measured out where he hand rested at in order for a quick draw. He also had fiery orange hair, and a white streak white through the front of it. The result of an accident messing around with some potions when he was four.
    Moving on, we have Damian, the demon. He was easily recognizable by the seemingly permanent scowl on his face. Sometimes, I wondered if he ever smiled. My conclusion was that no, he doesn't.
    Damian could also be recognized by the very distinct aroma of catnip that followed him everywhere. Because of that, he attracted a lot of cats to him, so that's another way to tell him apart from the commonfolk. Just look for the katana-wielding teen followed by a horde of cats
    Then there's me. Like my brothers, I wear commoner-looking clothing whenever I can, but since I had the least amount of reasons to be away from the castle and not wearing it, I was stuck with it most often. So in actuality, the nice(r) clothing was a good signal as to who I was. Besides that though, there was this light pink scarf I always had around my neck. I even slept in it. For as long as I can remember, that scarf has been there. How I got it though, I don't know. My only memory of getting it was a lady with really white hair wrapping it around my neck and telling me to never take it off, because it would always tell my Papa who I was. I've looked everywhere for a white-haired lady who could've given this to me,  but I've never found anyone with hair white as snow. Before I turned four and a half, I don't remember a lot. Bits and pieces. It's there, I know, but it's all foggy and distorted. I try not to think about it.
    The only other real defining factors about me are the two scythes I keep strapped to my waist. See, I'm only 4'11" right now, so a lot of people are taller than me. I find it really unfair that I had to be the only one without some type of bladed weapon, but apparently 12 is just too young. Not. Fair.
     I felt a strong pair of arms wrap around my torso before lifting me up. Shouting, I struggled against the hold half-heartedly. Didn't want to knock us off the bowsprit and into the water.
     "Put me down Rick!" I half-shouted at him as he stepped foot back on the deck.
    "No-can-do Rob. You [i]know
how I feel about you being out there. Imagine how easily you could fall off! Then what would I tell dad"
    I sighed. This was one of Rick's biggest faults. He cared for everything/ Even the pirates he fought as a commander of the Navy ship we were on. Rick thought he could convince them that their ways were evil, and get them to become part of the Navy.
    The Navy was everything to our country. Surrounded on all sides by oceans, the Navy was, literally, everything. Most used some kind of weapon or another, but to really advance in the Navy you had to have a power.
    Powers were what was unique to my world, Kiriyou. Some individuals were born with special abilities, in all manner of categories. Some were telekinetic, others could control elements, and yet others could fly and turn invisible! There are four main types of powers. usually they're based off of what your parents are, but often times they reflect your inner personality. Powers always come out when you turn 13. My birthday was coming up soon, and I was psyched!
     The first type of power is mental. Things like astral body projection, telekinesis, telepathy, and mind control are in this category. It's considered the weakest of the powers, although it's still pretty powerful in its own right. Jason is a telekinetic, and since he's 17, he uses it mostly for peeping on girls. I swear, I can still hear Mother chewing him out for it all the way out here.
    Next are the physical powers. They're powers that alter your body in some way. Things like animal body parts, shapeshifting, enhanced speed, strength, flexibility, and being able to disconnect your body parts fall into this category. The second strongest, but only because they're easy to block if you know they're coming. Damian is a shapeshifter, but only into felines for some reason. He likes to spy, so slinking around as a cat is something  does often.
    The third most powerful is the elemental power ability. This can be from setting yourself on fire, to creating creatures from earth. With an elemental, you never have a clue as to what you're dealing with. Elementals can be very deceptive as to what they really control. Take my brother Rick for control. His power is to summon storms to create lightning, which he can bend to his will. Whenever Rick is upset, storms roll in. His ability to control lightning can be confused with the ability to summon and control storm clouds.
    Last is the visored category. Visors for short. Visors are associated with an element, but can cloak their entire body's in it like a protective shield. They have enhanced, strength, speed, and senses. They are also the only type of powered people to be able to use three of the four power categories. Physical, elemental, and the shifter category. Whatever their element is, they can turn their bodies into it and fight using that. Not to mention, they were the only human beings capable of controlling more than one similar element without killing themselves. Uber powerful, visoreds were only produced by one of their parents being a visored. They weren't even originally  born, but created in a laboratory. Well, the first one was anyways.
    Personally, I don't know any visoreds. But that would make sense, considering there are only five known visoreds alive right now. Every single one of them, pirates. Nicknamed the "Royal Family of the Pirates", one would find it wasn't that far off of a name.  Each of them patrolled a sector of the oceans around Calyra, the central continent and country of Kiriyou. The fifth seemed to migrate between all the seas. Running into one of the four infamous ones was almost always certain doom.  The fifth only ever stole things, before disappearing in a terrible cloud of black fog that made everyone on the ship attacked dreadfully ill. Occasionally, they'd show mercy, but never for any obvious reasons. vastly powerful, my three brothers worked their asses off every day to what they hoped was visored level power. If they didn't, their ships probably would've all been torn apart by other pirates stronger than even our father. In a world tournament, they'd proven themselves strongest in the world of those who showed up anyways, so even if we were attacked, i was really very certain that we'd be just fine.
    Anyways, back to those pirates. The first, who patrolled the "West Blue" is Angel. It's the est Blue Rick and I are in right now. Nobody knows her real name, but everyone calls her that because she looks like it apparently. She's a water visored, with control over both the the tides and ocean currents as well. It wasn't as if that was uncommon, ut the extent of the control she had was what was. I've heard tales of her creating enormous whirlpools and dragging entire Navy fleets to their watery graves!
    Dubbed the most insanely sadistic pirate out there, The Prince of the North Blue was Cole. A fire visored, people who've miraculously lived through him say he is the kind of person to stick a hand through your abdomen, pull our your insides, and crush them in his fist. Then he'd laugh as you died, finding some sick pleasure in it. He attacked to satisfy his intense bloodlust apparently, sometimes killing only one person and letting the rest go if that person was powerful enough. Other times, he murdered entire crews, leaving their corpses on the ship to rot until they were eventually found.
    Prince of the South Blue, Ray was th speed demon. A lightning visor, he could personify it and move at the freaky speeds of of lightning, flinging it at their enemies. He was most interested in valuables, so as long as you didn't get in his way(like every idiot did), most survived an encounter with him. For some reason, he was also real close friends with Angel and Cole, the three of them often pulling tandem attacks just for fun.. Honestly, I just didn't get pirates that much.
    Last, and most definitely the worst in my opinion, is Erik. The ruler of the East Blue, he's a poison visor. Just thinking about him makes me shiver. Known for his temper, Erik only let live one person in every twenty or so attacks. There wasn't any real rhyme or reason o it, but every year the age of the survivor increased by one. Just one glance from this man is said to floor you with the amount of utter rage and hatred in it. And being close to him... some said he exuded a poison shroud, others said that he he was so powerful and intimidating, you could see your own death reflected in red rum eyes.  Besides that, all I know is that he has a habit of appearing where he's not supposed to be. That, and I don't [i\ever
want to meet him! He sounds absolutely terrifying.
    "Hey Robin, you there?"
    "Huh?" I blinked, wondering how I'd gotten into my quarters belowdecks.
    "You spaced  out there for a little while there Rob," Rick told me with a laugh, before plopping down on the lower bed on the the bunk I used. Rick, of course, had the Captain's quarters, and the crew used long rooms full of beds.
    "Yah, I gruess I kinda did," I laughed too, climbing up to the top bunk and dangling my legs over.
What were you thinking about?"
    Pirates," I replied without a second thought. I should've known better. This conversation wouldn't be ending any time soon now.
    "Any specific pirates, or just pirates in general?"
    With a shiver, I muttered, "Captain Erik."
     "Ah hell Rob... why are you thinking about him?"
    "Just he's so..."
    :Yeah, I guess..."
    "I can understand, but don't worry. The most we'l run into is Angel, and I can handle her. I have before, you know."
    Gasping, I let myself hang over the side of the bunk before dropping to the floor. I immediately sat beside Rick, desperate to hear about this encounter.
    "Please please please please tell me!"
    Chuckling a little bit, he ruffled my hair before beginning,
    "You probably haven't heard this because it happened before you were born. I was seven, Jason was five, and Dami was four. It was the first time I'd ever been on the sea, and I was psyched, just like you were. It was just a simple trip to Giria, that little island we passed a while ago that makes the finest silks you'll ever feel.
    Remembering my earlier thought to change my shirt, I started to root through my suitcase nearby. Where was my maroon cotton shirt? I knew I packed it... it would make a good pajama shirt.
    "We were headed back from Giria when she struck. It was swift and fast. She used her powers to put the waters around us into a standstill for easy boarding.  Everything... gone. She only left me and any families on the ship alive. All the rest she killed in cold blood."
    Fascinated by this, I absentmindedly pulled a shirt out and swapped it for the silk one I was wearing. Surprisingly, it was the shirt I'd been looking for.
    "My second encounter was six months after I turned 13. Jay was 11, Dami 9, and you were 5. Remember how you were really sick all the time when you were a little kid? That's probably why you've never heard this one either."
    "This time when attacked, I knew what was happening and started calling my lightning. A wicked storm appeared, and I think more lost their lives to the storm than Angel that night. Waves crashed down, swamping the deck. I think it was that that allowed me to win. Since electricity doesn't affect me, I ordered everyone belowdecks where it was dry, then  used all the power I had to electrify the water around me. Even today, I don't think I could use as much force as I did that night. There must've been a storm nearby already.  Her scream was horrific Rob. She had to be dragged back onto her ship. Then... it was then, as I collapsed, drained of power, that I realized that pirates are just people who made a few bad choices and sometimes all they need is a second chance."
    The mood had turned rather somber, and I wasn't quite sure what to do. Thankfully, I didn't have to. Rick smiled, and stood up.
    "Well that's enough of that. It's pretty late Rob, and my motion sickness pill won't let me sleep for a while yet. You should head to sleep."
    Groaning, I whined, "Why do I have to go to bed so early? It's just barely sunset!"
    Grinning, Rick lifted me onto my bunk. Damn strong overprotective older brother...
    "Trust me, life on the seas is exhausting. You'll thank me later. Besides, as our little envoy, you've got to be in tip-top shape to deliver the message to the Allar King."
    "I still think it's stupid," I muttered, "We're the royalty of the entire world, but we still have to do silly things like this for the lesser royalty."
    Pulling a blanket over me and looking a little smug, Rick shrugged and replied, "Well, I guess it's because we do little things like this the rest of Kiriyou likes us as their leaders. Night Baby Bird. Sweet dreams." As he left, he flicked off the lantern, plunging my room into darkness.
    Suddenly very tired, I snuggled into my blankets. Before I knew it, I was asleep.

ރ          ރ          ރ

    Thousands of miles away, a man resting in a chair in a room ulluminated only by the last rays of the sun suddenly got a call on his MLDC, or Mill.. It stood for Magical Long-Distance Communicator, though there was nothing really magic at all about it. They'd long since discovered the secrets of the smooth glass pearls.
    The beautiful face of a smiling white-haired woman lit up the center of the ball, and the man grabbed it roughly. Squeexing the pearl lightly, he spoke before the other had a chance.
    "What is it? This better be damned important, you know what today is,' he snapped out, glarng at the face of the female. She had a rather serious look on her face, betraying no emotions, something the man knew was quite unusual for her.
     "I think I found him." The voice coming from the ball was soft, and quite feminine. It had a lilting tone while still flowing like water.
    "How can you be so sure?" he questioned gruffly, not entirely believing her. It had been a long time.
    "Because he was wearing the gift I gave to him on his third birthday."
    Stunned, the man dropped the small ball, smashing it to pieces on the hard wooden floor. Storming out of his quarters, he barked out, "Crew! Set a course for the West Blue! I want to be there by  the end of the next four days! GET TO IT!"

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Re: "_" Ch 1(PG to 13)

Post by Shimmer on Wed 31 Dec - 10:09

Option 3 sounds awesome xD

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Re: "_" Ch 1(PG to 13)

Post by Guest on Wed 31 Dec - 12:41

I concur. Option 3 does sound awesome, and you have yet to share that one with me. I have read parts of Option 1 though, and I think it is a good story as well. I have yet to read Option 2 as well, so I make no claims as to whether I believe it to be good or bad.

For now, my vote goes to Option 1, although it is subject to change, depending on whether or not you let me read some of this dystopian of yours.


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Re: "_" Ch 1(PG to 13)

Post by Robin on Sun 4 Jan - 17:03

Heeeeeyyy. I finally updated this. Well, I'm off to go work on Descent and IoB and Calypso's story while I'm in the mood.

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Re: "_" Ch 1(PG to 13)

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