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~IoB~ {Ch. 2}

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~IoB~ {Ch. 2}

Post by Robin on Tue 13 Jan - 0:15


DISCLAIMER: I don't own ANY of these guys. Except the ones I make up. But in the end, I WILL own one of the main charries *laughs evilly*

All other warnings in the first chapter. Go read it, I'm lazy.

Oh... yeah, we get some... stuff in this chapter. Ueah. Uh... feel like I'm forgetting something. OH YEAH. This is like... a story on crack. It's just insane. It has no rhyme or reason to it, really. It gets better though, I swear. I try to be humorous.

I was such an ignorant lil sh*t back when I was in seventh grade... Please don't kill me for the badness of this story. THE GRAMMAR.

Chapter 2

    Robin was incredibly on edge. He still considered this enemy territory, and probably would for quite some time. Glancing over at his new "brother", Robin attempted to glean a little bit of knowledge about his character. While the files from his brother's computers held extensive knowledge on physical statistics and attributes, there was next to nothing on their character.
    From what he was looking at in Midnight though, it appeared he liked to sleep, and did so a lot. Which most likely meant he liked the dark, and kept his room fairly safe, quiet, and uncluttered for easy movement. Illusionary and distortion magic, according to the files on magic they had, could do that to a person.
    When Midnight moved his head and looked over at him, their eyes met for the briefest of moments before Robin turned his face forward again. He kept his face facing forward for the rest of the walk to the room he was sure his new brothers and sister were in, waiting to meet him. Finally, they arrived at the doors to a seemingly ordinary room. First King Zeref went in, then prince Midnight, and lastly Robin himself went in.
    Inside it was a typical sitting room, with a semi-circle of nine chairs in front of an electric fireplace small tables between each chair and various paintings hung up on the light brown walls. The firelight shed a soft glow on the room, and gave it an almost homey feel. What ruined the picture though was the scene of two men and one woman locked in battle on the floor over what appeared to be a sock full of rice. The three continued fighting even after Robin had entered the room, as  if they never noticed that three other people had walked into the room. A loud clap reverberated around the room, and the fighting immediately stopped. The three scrambled up onto their feet and stood in a line. Only then did they notice the two people standing in the doorway, and the outline of a third person's boots from the shadows.
    "I will take my leave now. I trust you will all get acquainted with each other civilly." King Zeref announced before taking his leave of the room, shutting the doors as he left. Robin watched from the shadows as Midnight walked over to join the line. They stared at each other, Robin from the shadows and his new siblings from  the light. The silence was finally broken by the third person in line, Prince Racer, when he said," So are you going to introduce yourself? Or do you expect us to introduce ourselves to you first?"
      "I know who all of you are already. There's no need for you to introduce yourselves. The eldest child and heir to the throne is Cobra. 6'5"/ A poison Dragon Slayer, in your terms of magic. 21 years of age, proficient axe use. Next in line is Ange, a Celestial Spirit Mage. 5'10". 20 1/2 years of age. Mostly just hides behind a shield. Then we have Prince Racer, who uses a special type of speed magic that slows the speed of things around him, making him appear faster. 20 years old, 5'5", uses his lightning speed to fight with small throwing knives. Finally, we have Midnight. From my guess, he uses some sort of illusionary or distortion magic. I'd garner he's about 5'2", and around 19 years of age."
    With that, Robin stopped talking, having stated all he knew so far. The looks on his "sibling's" faces were priceless. So much so, Robin let out a small chuckle. It lasted only a matter of seconds, but it was a form of laughter nonetheless. Weird for him.
     The room regained its silence again, although this time for an entirely different reason. This time it was interrupted by Angel though. "So since you know so much about us, yet we don't know anything about you, why don't you come out of the shadows honey?"


    "I was never in the shadows over there. Ever heard of throwing your voice> It's an excellent way to surprise people."
     Midnight swiveled around on his heel, as did the rest of his family. The voice had come from behind them... there, with his arms crossed and boots missing, was their new brother.
     "The name's red Robin, but I'll answer to just Robin as well. My real name is classified, as is anything about my past, so don't ask. I'm 4'7.32". I fight with an electrified bo staff. Also, I will warn you now, I can hack and reprogram anything. Believe it or not, I'm 13 years old. Any questions?"
     Startled by this sudden outburst from Robin, Midnight almost tripped over his own feet while standing still. There was absolutely no way Robin was 13 though. He talked as if he were at least a brainy 16 or 17 year old, or a college student graduate. And no one could be that small. He heard gasps of shock from Angel, and a shout of "No way!" from Racer. Nothing from Cobra though, which troubled him. Usually, Cobra was the most outspoken of them all. Hearing nothing from was bad... very bad. Looking around the room, Midnight spotted Cobra sneaking around the back of Robin, before he remembered the family tradition. It had become tradition that when anyone in the "family" came to the palace that the children currently living in the palace would try to get all who were visiting between the ages 7-99 - in normal people years - onto the ground and to get them to submit. Some fought, others submitted, and some never submitted and just kept getting attacked. He had a feeling they would have to try a complete unorthodox or hardcore method to get Robin to submit to their little game. Besides, even he could hear Cobra approaching. There wasn't a chance he'd be able to get Robin, unless... Grinning, Midnight leaned back against the nearby wall to see how things played out. He hoped it got violent...
 (Caring, ne?)


    Robin heard Cobra begin moving away long before he actually saw it happening. Really, if Cobra actually could read minds, he'd know almost every day of his life for at least four hours a day he was instructed by each member of his family in something. They had trained him to be their spy, the one behind enemy lines. yet able to defend himself to the utmost, for they feared losing their youngest brother to the was as they had lost almost all their friends, and more often not they were more life unofficial family members. The bats had few friends. They had even taught him how to kill, even though it was the number one rule of the Bat Clan to never EVER, kill. But nothing came before the mission, it never has and never will. Besides, the moves would only kill if he added a few special movements and more force, so it wasn't as if his entire fighting style was meant to do anything other than take out. So there was little to no probability they could take him down unless his body acted without permission from his mind.
     With a shout, Cobra launched himself out of the shadows from behind Robin. Expecting this, Robin did a half-cartwheel off to the side the minute he heard the shout, and when Cobra was right beside him, he slammed his legs down on the older male's back, effectively knocking Cobra to the ground and leaving him breathless. Quickly setting his feet back on the ground, he lifted himself up.  Doing so he dodged a soppy kick from Angel, although powerful, before he grabbed her ankle and twisted her leg down so she landed belly down on the floor as well. "We did the exact same thing in our castle. Cobra, your first mi was shouting out as you attacked. Your second mistake was that you're used to Nightwing's flowing and acrobatic way of fighting, as he was who you fought most often. Angel, though you're powerful, you're used to long range fights and not having to do much fighting at all. it shows in your kicks and probably your punches, as well as our stance. Both of your biggest mistakes, however, were assuming I am like my brothers, and that I was too young to fight well. I am nothing like my brothers. I am nothing like any of you either. Don't assume anything around me, that is ll I can say. For as long as I regard you as an enemy, you won't be safe, no matter where you go, or what you do. Can you keep up?"
    With that note, Robin stepped off the backs of the two adults, and retrieved and slipped his boots back on before he sat down in the farthest corner of the room from the others. He watched from behind his mask as Cobra and Angel got up and conversed with each other for a moment, before they walked off together somewhere, still whispering. Racer was literally there one moment gone the next. Finally, it was just Robin and Midnight left in the room. Midnight was secretly hopeful though. Maybe it was him...


    Midnight's train of thought was all over the place with questions about this new member of his family, but one especially. For some reason, it really bugged Midnight when he didn't know the color of someone's eyes. Besides, his eyes were a very distinctive color. Walking over to the corner Robin was in, he inquired, "What color are your eyes?"
    "When will it be de-classified?"
    "Why do you want to know?"
    "Because not knowing bothers me."
    "That's your idea of a good reason?"
    "Then what is?"
    "My reason for wanting to know is curiosity, it bothers me, and I'm older than you, so you have to listen to me."    
    "Your last reason for wanting to know is unacceptable, but at least you tried to make a good reason."    
    "Fair enough. My eyes are an electric purple."
    "Purple? Isn't that a rare color in your land?"
    "Does every one in your family have purple eyes?" It was a stupid question, he knew only one family in the world had purple eyes.
    "How do I know you're not lying to me about your eye color?"
    "You don't." Cheeky brat...
    "Can I see your eyes?"
    "Can you?" REALLY cheeky, at that.
    "May I see your eyes?"
    "On what?"
    "If you can answer my question."
    "What's my favorite type of food?"
    "... Fish?"
    "Halfway. It's close enough to be acceptable."
    "I warn you, if you say anything, I will get you back."
    "I won't...."
    "I'll hold you to that."
     Midnight watched with trepidation as Robin began to take off his mask. It took longer than he expected;; he hadn't realized the mask was actually glued on. When it was finally loose enough, Robin pulled it off in one fluid motion. He kept his head down, but when he looked up, Midnight wished he hadn't.
    The electric purple eyes were impossibly large and round. Faint freckles previously covered by the ask appeared, which only heightened the image and idea Robin was a child. To tell the truth though, the boy looked a bit like an angel. With the pale complexion, small face, freckles, and vibrant purple eyes, he looked like an angel come down from heaven to carry someone's soul back up there. Unless he was a fallen angel...
    Said purple eyes suddenly had a flicker of sadness in them, but it quickly vanished, to be replaced with mirth.
    "You wouldn't be the first and probably won't be the last to look like that. Most people do when they first see my eyes."
    With that, Robin stuck his mask back on, and the cold, calculating look returned.
    "Can you take me to my room? I have some files to update, and I need to take a dry shover. I have Cobra cooties on me..."
    Grinning slightly, Midnight led Robin down a series of maze-like hallways until they reached a long stone corridor with five doors on each side of the hall. Pointing to the first door on the left, he said,"The first door on the left is Angel's room. Whenever she's in there, a bright light sops our from beneath the cracks in the board. The next room only has an illusion of a door, because if he actually had a door it would have an imprint of him on it. Racer's too lazy to open doors. Next is Cobra's room. He's in there right now, because his door has turned purple. Skip the next room, it's empty. After that is my room. You'll know when I'm in there if the door turns red. The empty room between my room and Cobra's will be yours. Touch your door before you enter. It'll sync itself with you and your needs."
    Robin didn't say anything, but Midnight could tell he was less than pleased about having a room by Cobra, and so close to the others to boor. He said nothing though, so Midnight didn't bring it up. Personally, Midnight thought, if anything, Robin wasn't completely averse to magic(a sure sign), but he still felt on edge around it.
    It showed as the younger boy walked up to the door. He held his hand out before it, and looked as if he was fighting some internal struggle for a moment, and then suddenly slammed his hand against the door. A bright light flashed briefly, and then disappeared into nothing. Midnight could only stare at the door that remained.
    The door was now a solid black with elegant swirls of all shades of red, mostly dark shades, traversing the entire door. Small hints of an icy blue appeared here and there, and a darker blue line wound it's way around the edges of the door. Behind the red swirls, silver lines criss-crossed and formed impossible knitted figures that appeared to have no ends. All in all, it gave the door a layered look. What really caught the eye was the row of steel-looking squares above the handle. Random onlookers wouldn't know what they were, but Midnight did. They were a type of magnetic lock. The force of magnetism was so high, they could withstand a nuclear bomb, which was still the most powerful thing around.
    "Did you forget to mention it alters the room as well?"
    Snapped out of his amazed stupor by the icy edge to Robin's voice, Midnight wondered what the magic had done. Walking up to the door, he looked at Robin for permission to enter. Who knew what traps the room had
    Robin nodded, and walked into a room that looked like it belonged to a 16th century mansion instead of a castle. The color of the room was a light brown, with a chocolate brown carpet. oaken dressers stood side by side against the nearest wall, and a vanity sat in the corner. A king-sized bed with red silk covers and black bedspread occupied the far corner of the room. In the last corner sat an old, worn out desk made of black wood that looked oddly out of place in the room. On it was a very nigh-tech computer system, with a small pile of papers off to the side. To the left of the desk was another, smaller, desk littered with drawings, pencils, colored pencils, pens, charcoals, and even a small box of brushes and paints.
    Drawings covered the walls, about all sorts of things. From dragons to wolves to birds to random people to what looked like WANTED posters for criminals in Gotham. Two faces popped up around the room a lot though.
     The room was so bare, yet so full. Robin sat on the bed, looking at a picture of him and two other pre-teens. The one on the right was rather tall and muscular. he wore a black t-shirt with the Superman emblem on it in red, and he had nothing on his face. Chocolate brown eyes were mixed with hair a few shades lighter than Robin's. To his left was a boy slightly taller than Robin was now, for in the picture he was just a child. With wild red hair and ridiculous-looking orange goggles, a white suit with a red lightning bolt going down it completed the picture.
    Midnight didn't have much time to observe anymore small yet important details before Robin looked up and hissed,
"I wouldn't have touched the door if you had told me that it would also change my room... I don't think I need this room, down to the last detail."
     "Your old room?"
     "... Yes."
     "... You can change it by thinking about it hard enough."
     "I doubt that."
     "Trust me on this, you don't want to see."
     An awkward silence had begun, neither male knowing what to do or say. Thankfully, either had to say anything, for a moment later the sound of electricity crackling and the smell of burnt clothes filled the air. Jumping out of the chair, Robin ran to the door and stood staring at something on the ground lying outside the door. Walking over to see what Robin was staring at, Midnight saw one of the strangest sights so far in his life. His eldest brother, supposedly the smartest of them all, at least until Robin came along, was lying face-up o the ground with his hair completely on end and a startled expression o his face. He was twitching at regular intervals, and small curls of smoke rose from his body. As soon as Midnight got within six inches of Robin, he moved over to Cobra's side and felt for a pulse.
     "He's alive, just dazed and still full of electricity. Thus o he's also paralyzed for now."
     "How did this happen i the first place"
     "You didn't notice The entire door and first five feet in any direction are rigged."
     Midnight just stared at Robin, wondering why none went off when he walked in. Also, what kid of trap would do... that.... whatever it was that had happened to Cobra. Hadn't Robin said something about electricity? He hadn't really been paying attention because he had bee integrating what Cobra looked like into his memory for later reference. Such as a time of blackmail.
     "Midnight, Cobra was tased by my door, like will happen if you try to open the door without my permission."
     The complexity of this set-up amazed Midnight. Robin's door, ad he himself, were like the Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly. Extravagant displays of color, so strong yet so fragile. The colors were a warning though. The Pipevine Swallowtail is a very pretty butterfly, but because of some stupid kid aeons ago, they had gradually went from poisonous to outright deadly if ingested, just like the Monarch. many people assumed that even touching the butterfly would kill you, so they never knew that if you held your finger out near one, it'd climb onto the finger and sometimes bask there for as long as you stood there. Robin's colors signaled he was dangerous, yet it was the mystery of him that was so alluring. Likewise, his door was so beautiful, yet could cause you so much harm.
      Jumping slightly, Midnight realized he must have been spacing off, as he was apt to do. He looked down to see a struggling Robin trying to push, pull, roll, or do just about anything he could to move Cobra's rigid form to his room. The door had changed and was actually not there anymore. Instead, it appeared now as the entrance to a.... cave. Yes, a cave. Try as he might though, the small boy couldn't move Cobra's body more than a few inches at a time.
      "Are you going to help me or what?"
      Silently chuckling, Midnight bent down and began to easily roll the body of his older brother into Robin's room. Once inside, Robin motioned to a small table in the corner of the room, and both worked to heave Cobra's body up onto it.
     "Jeez, does he have metal plates in his body or something" Midnight heard Robin mutter under his breath, and he shook his head lightly. If only he knew...
     Once that was done, Robin fastened metal straps around Cobra's wrists and ankles. Taking out a weird-looking piece of what he assumed was styrofoam, Midnight watched in interest as Robin put it over Cobra's mouth.
     "What are you doing?"
     "Making sure no one is killed."
     "I have to remove the taser tag if you want him to stop being electrified."
     "Taser tag?"
     "There are two types of tasers. Handheld and firing. Handheld tasers are used for close range and are most common. My door uses a firing taser. Firing tasers are typically guns. They hold one tase each. Once you fire the tags, if they make contact with flesh they immediately emit electricity for 15 seconds, and then every other 30 seconds it electrocutes the target again. The tips are barbed to emit charges and to make it harder to take them out."
     Nodding, he now realized what Robin was about to do, and it wasn't going going to be pretty. He just hoped Cobra didn't go overboard and break him in two like he almost did to them.


 Locating the end of the taser tag, Robin grasped it firmly between his thumb and index finger. Uttering a quick prayer to whatever god there was on this continent, he yanked upward as hard and fast as he could.

A/N: Eeehhh? EEEEHHHH? WHATCHA THINK? Sorry bout the screwy coding...

I'm sooo sorry this took so long... I just... I really just didn't want to do it, BUT I DID!

Next time, you get to see why I need Shimmer's help writing fight scenes.

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Re: ~IoB~ {Ch. 2}

Post by Luna on Tue 13 Jan - 4:34

Lol, what made me crack up laughing was the interview between the Midnight and Robin. xD
(If I'm right he interviewed Robin for his eye color?)

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