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The Formation and History of the Rival Pack

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The Formation and History of the Rival Pack

Post by Thundo Puffs on Fri 23 Jan - 22:03

The Wastelands

The Lycos wolves know it as an expanse of volcanic ash and dust; a place where no wolf should ever tread lest they hope to encounter the demons that dwell within. The barren landscape is infamously known as the heart of the dark lands.

It sounds dreadful, doesn’t it? Yet a few years ago, the dark lands were a very different place. We did not always control the Lycos Forest and the territories beyond. In fact, if you were to ever encounter an old wolf from past times, more than likely he would say we still don’t even now. You may be wondering how such a thing can be possible. Surely we own these lands? We have borders and a camp and relations with other packs that respect our boundaries, so how is it that we are not a real pack in that wolf’s eyes?

“The forest was never yours to take.”

Long ago the *four lands were populated not by packs, tribes, or clans, but by individual beings with a very peculiar way of surviving. These creatures, as you could have inferred, were wolves that have left or were banished from their native homeland. The reason ranges from voluntary departure, petty thievery, code breaking, weakness, violence, or even murder and insanity.

Four Lands:
Refers to the Light, Cold, Hot, and Dark areas of roleplay

While the cannon geographical map of the wolven country we live in is not yet official, it is no secret that the four lands were a medium for many influential kingdoms. That is, the lands were in the middle of the country, or in between the kingdoms. Excluding the dark lands, the neutral territories proved to be a safe haven for banished wolves and loners. The terrain with its sheltering trees, clean rivers, and prey abundant meadows was more than enough to support every wolf’s needs. It was a true relic of its time, as banished wolves coexisting together in harmony was thought to be extraordinary.

There has been mentions of powerful purebred elemental kingdoms in rp by various members. It can be believed that there is one true kingdom for each element.

The reason for the wolves’ success was all thanks to a simple yet efficient code. You see, the wolves back then had no desire to form a pack or borderlines. Since the land was large and abundant with resources, they tolerated one another and even shared prey on some occasions-- though friendships were rare due to the natural distrust many wolves developed after being banished by their pack and family. Most wolves abandoned their old ways of living, and did not want to go back into a pack-like lifestyle. However, many understood that something had to be put in place in order to keep the balance of the lands. Thanks to the work of a small group of wolves with the same ideals, they decided to enforce a code that all wolves living in the lands must follow.

But even with the code, there were numerous problems that faced the independent wolves. Most wolves supported the ideology of a code. There way of life was not severely altered, and they still had the freedom to do as they wished. However, not every wolf would grasp the concept. The wolves who came to oppose the code were none other than the scandalous beasts that have done many wrongs in the eyes of wolven society. These wolves were murderous, power-driven, and had no set of morals to abide by. To them, a flimsy code created by a group of nobodies meant nothing to them.  Only anarchy would satisfy their desires.

Well Actually:
Not every wolf against the code was a dangerous outlaw, though a large percentage of anti-code wolves were. The wolves that were for or against the code were surprisingly not that different in ideals. Both sides supported the idea that the lands should stay a neutral, open territory to all, but ones who supported the code believed that wolves living in the land should abide by certain guidelines. Wolves against the code believed that such restrictions are a violation of the land’s neutral state, and that every wolf should have the freedom to do and take. In short:

Pro Code: Every wolf is equal

Con Code: Survival of the fittest

Knowing the threat these wolves posed, a large group of supporting code wolves banded together to take action. It took moons for the wolves to finally attain peace, but after much travail, the deed was done. They have pushed those who threaten them into the dark lands. It was from that moment on that a final peace of code was added to the wolves’ way of living. *Sorry if that paragraph felt too forced or brief. I plan on explaining the plan in detail sometime later on.

“Wolves beyond the light are deemed to a life in darkness.”

But now let us get into the real reason as to why you are here...



You thought you were already reading about the rival pack? HAHA THAT WAS ONLY A LITTLE BIT OF BACKGROUND INFO, SILLY!

Okay-okay I apologize. That was a rather dick move of me there (making you read all of that I mean).  Don’t worry, because all that history will be needed in order to understand the true feelings of the rival pack. Heh, you probably thought that the wolves banished to the dark lands would become the rival pack, huh?


Let us fast forward to when a large group of homeless strays traversed to these lands. Unlike the current loners who currently resided there, the wolves that just arrived had the intention of re-making their home. In other words, they wanted a pack. The wolves whom I speak of were none other than… well… us! I’m sure most of you remember the previous land we called home. For the sake of second generation members, allow me to explain (only briefly).

About 1 ½ years ago there was an accident. A fire swept through the land, destroying everything we held dear. Tsuki somehow knew of the four lands beyond the horizon, and with his dying breath ordered us to find it. To learn more about the Great Fire, -click here- (D-Don’t actually click. There is nothing there yet.)

The arrival of the pack wolves meant the end to the rouges days of peace. They were outmatched and outnumbered. And with our influence spreading, the original wolves found themselves in the very place they forced out the unwanted: the dark lands. After we took residence, many decided that it would be better to give up the land and wander the country until a new territory was found. In the end, the rouge wolves did not put up a fight.

We Were Clueless:
Due to our scent marking and large numbers, we did not experience any violent actions with lone wolves. To us, they were merely strays with no morals to live by. We did not know about their lifestyle. Everything besides the dark lands was taken into our control.

Only a small group remained afterwards, consisting of rouges too attached to the land to leave. In their eyes, the Lycos was theirs, and they would get it back no matter the cost. But even they had their misgivings. Working together would turn out to be difficult, or even ironic. To do so would mean that they would have to go against the code they followed so passionately, it would take a true leader to cultivate the sovereign wolves. That leader turned out to be a male wolf by the name of Orsetto. It was none other than he who polished the remaining, first generation wolves into what we know as the rival pack.

The newly formed unit took refuge in Dylia’s cave, which today still acts as the current base for our enemies. It was there that the wolves trained not only in fighting, but in collaboration as well. While not yet strong enough to face their intrusive neighbors, Orsetto’s group became a force to be feared within the dark lands. He knew that there were many dangerous wolves that held a grudge against them, so he took the liberty to absolve the issue and set up safety nets. The wolves quickly took control over the dark lands, purposely leaving only the wastelands open to others. The message was clear: join or die.

Unfortunately, things did not always turn out well for the vengeful wolves. Despite Orsetto's efforts, there were still instances of discord within the new pack. Mutiny was a big problem early on, as many wolves did not like Orsetto's way of leading. Passionate code-followers especially had trouble adapting to the pack lifestyle. There were also many instances of violence among joining members, so keeping everything under control put a lot of strain on the old wolf.

The Problem:
The main issue that faced the pack were the wolves who were forcefully taken into the pack. Since the wastelands are nearly impossible to survive in, wolves had no choice but to join Orsetto. The wolves under such a situation displayed no trust in the pack, and they did not care about the passionate feelings the original wolves shared about the forest.

The wolf known as Orsetto never accomplished his goal, as the first leader disappeared one day. The rival pack was one years old at that time. The reason for his disappearance is unknown, but the loss of Orsetto spun the rival pack into chaos. Greed and a desire for powers overtook the wolves who have never cared for the packs original purpose. A battle for control took place within Dylia's cave, leading to the loss of several lives. After that, all of the wolves who have been with Orsetto since the beginning left the dark lands, leaving the rival pack in the paws of whomever takes control.

If you fast forward to now, you will see that the rival pack did survive through that eventual night, but the original purpose of its creation has almost been lost. The only things that tells of its past are the stories left behind by the original group members, and a burning hatred towards the wolves of the Lycos Forest. The history of the rival pack is not completely forgotten, as there are few members who remember the sad story of Orsetto the First Leader.

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Re: The Formation and History of the Rival Pack

Post by Thundo Puffs on Wed 1 Apr - 12:25

Writing part is pretty much done; I just have a few things I might add, delete, or change. This is not a final version, so view this as merely a rough draft.

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Re: The Formation and History of the Rival Pack

Post by Robin on Sun 5 Jul - 10:56

That. Is.n Awesome. Seriously thundo, that's pretty cool

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Re: The Formation and History of the Rival Pack

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