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A Musical Battle |Ch.2|

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A Musical Battle |Ch.2|

Post by Luna on Tue 27 Jan - 2:59

The Auditions | Chapter 2

"....And may the best band win." 

          Vivian stated, the class argued which of the two bands shall win, and the others tried to form their band. Cynthia tapped Kazumi's shoulders, "Who will be in our band?" She asked. Then the four girls in their table showed up to them, smiling innocently. Their face portrayed the 'may we join your band' face. "Right! You guys want to form a band? We work together." but of course there is lead singer"Yes! I will be your drummer." Adalyn exclaimed. "I will be playing a keytar." Cynthia said, then Kazumi thought what instrument of music. "I will be lead singer." Then Ria folded her arms, grinning, "I will be playing a flute. Divine here, will be playing a violin." She announced, Victoria's face was still thinking. "And what will be yours, Victoria?" Victoria snapped back to herself, already got the idea. "I will be playing an electric guitar." Cynthia's face got confused, "Electric guitar? You are seriously playing 'rock' stuff? You're so formal for that!" Victoria rolled her eyes, and there came a dagger in her eyes, "Of course I can play an electric guitar! A side of me wants to! I don't care if I'm a fashionista or so 'formal' that I can't play that kind of instrument!" She glared. Cynthia took a step back before Victoria managed to cool herself. After everything has settled, the whole library was in chaos, Vivian's group was also set. They were all guitarists. That's when Yuri's temper exploded, "EVERYONE SHUT UP! GET YOUR BUTTS IN YOUR CHAIRS AND LISTEN TO MY DISCUSSION!" She shouted, the room broke into silence, you could hear a pin drop. Everybody indeed went back to their seats when the final bell rang to the real recess. "Okay, I think that's the bell. All wasted by some students shouting at each other." She mumbled to herself. The students rushed outside, finding their very own place for their band. The girls also ran after it, swung the door open, and left the room. Yuri removed all her aids and left as well. 

          Vivian picked a gorgeous one, filled with fabulous decorations. There was no enough room now but one with wide space enough for six. It was unfurnished, the room was full of cobwebs. "Ew, are we seriously going to pick this room?" Victoria's expression was in disgust, "I think we will just clean it rather than finding a better room when in fact there are no more rooms available." Cynthia mumbled, turned herself to find a mop, broom, and a feather duster lying around, and as if like magic, the exact instruments they need. "Look, let's work together to make this room ours!" Adalyn said cheerfully, the others agreed and picked up the tools. Kazumi grabbed the mop, and gracefully danced around, swirling and twirling while cleaning, and accidentally slashed Divine. "Oops!" She giggled, Divine plastered an evil grin and grabbed the feather duster from Victoria, "Wait until I catch you!" They laughed, running around chasing each other in the room, the others had fun as well, Victoria was ticked off and grabbed the bucket of water, really to pour it upon Divine and Kazumi, but Cynthia and Adalyn made their plot ahead of her, and grabbed the bucket and poured it on her instead. "Argh! You idiots!" She snatched the broom from Cynthia and she was about to hit the two, unfortunately they ran away ahead. They had absolute fun, and saw the other mean girl, Shanira, in front of the door, Kazumi bumped into her accidentally. "Oh... Hi Shanira! I-uh... I'm sorry for-" Kazumi hadn't finished her sentence when she interrupted, "No, it's fine. What are you girls doing, may I help?" Everyone paused, which gave Victoria the opportunity to hit Cynthia, "Ow! That hurts!" Victoria gave a little smirk, "Peace..."She laughed. Cynthia did as well, but then they paused to hear Shanira trying to help them, "But why in the world would we let you help us? You big liar!" Adalyn huffed, remembering her once a traitor for being Ria, Divine, and Adalyn's best friend, who turned to Vivian's group and influenced their evilness. "I don't what to be the bad girl you used to know anymore." Kazumi placed her hand in her waist, "What made you think that?" Shanira hanged her head, she used to be a girl who they students make fun of, and turned into a mean gal. "I don't want to anymore. I realized the feeling when you get bullied now." Cynthia ran to her and gave her a tight enormous hug, made Shanira squeal, "Of course you could help us clean this place up!" She said, Shanira almost ran out of breath, pushed her away to catch for air, "Okay! Okay! I'll help... Just... Stop hugging me tightly." Cynthia let go of her. "Well the, let's get to work!" Then they worked together as a band, with a help of their reunited friend. 

          The room was sparkly, they added their band banner outside as well. "Let's have a practice! I have a song composed awhile ago when we were bored of Ms. Yuri's lectures. Actually, I have composed three."Kazumi declared, the band also agreed. "But wait!" Ria paused, "What is the name of our band? HELLO! We need to pick one." Everyone thought about it. "Oh! Oh! What about: The Six Friends Band?" Divine shared her idea, all of them actually agreed on the idea. "Okay. We can proceed to practice now." Ria said, holding her flute in her hands. Kazumi moved forward for her notebook, opened her bag, and let it out. She flipped the pages, and found her song, that will be sang together as a band. She felt proud of it, and showed it to them. "Okay. It goes something like this..."

           "You gals got it?" Kazumi was excited to see how her band does it. "Yep!" All of them cheered, except for Shanira, who sat in the Grand Piano in the corner, which was not used since no one in the band ever needed the instrument. "Go girls! I'll be staying here. Just-- watching." Then the band took hold of their musical instruments"One! Two! Three! Four!" Adalyn clapped her hands with her drum sticks.

Get ready for the night,
of our lives
Come on and have fun with us,
Because tonight,
yeah, we're here to battle.
Everybody let us sing out loud!

Win or lose (win or lose)
What's gonna happen?

We don't know (we don't know)
But it's gonna be alright

With our friendship,
Let's ro-ck the mu-sic!

Sing the song! 'Cause we're here to have a battle tonight
(Sing the song, rock the music)

Sing the song! 'Cause we're here to have a battle tonight
(Sing the song, so rock the music!)

So what did you didn't make it even right too many times?
Kick it off, no one said you're perfect! - Adalyn

Do you're thing, you know what you are doing. - Victoria

You're ideas are too funny that they're amazing! - Ria

Get ready for the night, of our lives!
Come now and follow me,
because tonight,
This is where we're gonna be
Together let us sing out loud!

Win or lose(win or lose)
What's gonna happen?

We don't know(we don't know)
But it's gonna be alright.

All our friends are here,
so let's ro-ck the mu-sic!

Sing the music! 'Cause we're here to have a battle tonight.
(sing the song, rock the music)

Sing the music! 'Cause we're here to have a party tonight.
(sing the song, so rock the music!)

Sing the music! 'Cause we're here to have a party tonight.
(sing the song, so rock the music!)

Sing the music! 'Cause we're here to have a party tonight.
(sing the song, so rock the music!)

          The rehearsal was finished. Shanira quickly applauded, the band was overshadowed with happiness and confidence. "We totally rocked!" Divine said out loud. The others thought the same as well. "I can't believe we learned it so fast. Oh wait... We tried to learn that for three hours. Ha. Ha. Ha. Will this be the song we're going to present during the auditions?" Victoria tilted her head slightly to the left. The group nodded, and Cynthia put down her key tar on top of the grand piano, and flipped her hair with sass. "That band of Vivian's jaw will drop in awe. We are better than them." Then Kazumi shook her head, Cynthia was starting to brag. "Well, at least that's what I think." She shrugged, showed the innocent face. Kazumi rolled her eyes, "Yes, and in time the Battle of the Bands starts, we will be ready and get ourselves back to the top! I have a song prepared for that, but it will be shown next time when we finish the semi-finals." Kazumi arranged the microphone and its stand back to wear it was, and beckoned everyone to lay their instruments down as well. Adalyn tried to read the clock, "11:50." Ten more minutes until lunch. Their stomachs are already very hungry, some are now whining for it. "UGH! How many more minutes? I'm starving!" Victoria whined. The rest of the band stared at the clock.

          The bell rang, the group rushed to the canteen. The other student went out as well, Cynthia and Kazumi went down the stairs, Victoria and Adalyn were calm despite they are so hungry they will burst while texting their way through, and Divine and Ria ran to the shortest way out: bumping into other students and allow them to go in a nutshell. Guess what, they even drove Vivian and Cordelia nuts. While they were in the canteen, they found out that the other students are a little bit grumpy and most students are wearing black! "Wow, why are almost everyone of them... wearing black?" Ria whispered to Divine. "I guess it's 'Black Day' celebration." Divine teased. "Is there even such celebration, Divine?" She rolled her eyes and formed her line. 

          "Why, they're serving tacos! Wait, it's Taco Tuesday!" Adalyn exclaimed. The other students looked at her in surprise. "That's eerie, why are they wearing black? Although not all of them, it's weird." Victoria questioned to particularly no one. Then she turned to Adalyn, hoping they had the same questions. Adalyn's face is even unreadable. "How did that happen?"

          Kazumi and Cynthia finally arrived in the canteen, they're starving as well. To their surprise, the canteen was full of people. That's not new. What is new? The students are wearing black. They looked at each other for a brief second, turned away and walked with caution. There is a long line waiting on the way, they are serving spaghetti today. Both of them watched the other students bickering and arguing at each other, "What's wrong with them?" Cynthia asked with disgust in her face. Kazumi just shrugged and made her way to the crowded line of hungry students.

          A few minutes later they were finally served and sat all together in one table with confused faces. "So... Do you gals notice something off today?" Victoria asked the band. "Yep!" All of them replied in unison. "I can't seem to figure out what the commotion is all about." Divine told them. The Six Friends band shrugged and ate their lunch, while observing the heavy atmosphere in the canteen. What was really happening?

Original file - http://lkazumil.deviantart.com/art/A-Musical-Battle-The-Auditions-Ch-2-509487152
Copyright (story & characters) to me
lLunaMoonlightl or lKazumil in DeviantART

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Re: A Musical Battle |Ch.2|

Post by Luna on Tue 27 Jan - 3:02

FACT - That part when Ms. Yuri had enough of the students... Well, I got it from a story here(on LOTE). If you can guess I will give you a medal. xD

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