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Post by Tsuki on Wed 4 Feb - 2:11

This was one of the first short stories I ever wrote, the date on the document said Nov 1st 2011. Huh. Interesting... Was I always this... Dark? I was eleven years old... Wow I sucked at writing...


I lay there on the cold stone floor, slowly bleeding out to my dreadful demise… In the world that was slowly fading around me I could hear the sly snicker of a small girl dressed in red, that little Blanchette.

Before I slip into eternal darkness, let me explain to you how things work around here, the borders between right and wrong are wearing thin so listen carefully. The name is Zeke Midas Wolf, this is my home. It’s hard to believe sometimes but this used to be a beautiful place, the birds whistled in the tree tops the spring flowers bloomed all around, as you crept deeper into the forest you could start to smell the sweet aroma of old grannies muffins topped with chocolate-chips, it was the perfect utopia. This all changed when a deadly famine plagued this land, the high mistress of the Fahren manor, the richest family in all the land, had passed and her only daughter, Blanchette, arose as her successor. Even if she was only four years old her words were law, and she destroyed everything her parents worked so hard for, she threw extravagant parties, masquerades, soirées and grand feasts every day. The land soon ran dry of food and money, the village people tried to escape, but if they were caught they were to be executed under the new high mistress’ orders.

I’m a kind wolf living with my family of four at the edge of the forest. Earlier today, while I was walking home after an unsuccessful hunt I was think about what I should say to my family when I got home with nothing to eat when I ran into the snobby high mistress of the manor. I was so hungry I didn’t even sense her coming, she seemed to be lost as she was aimlessly walking through the forest looking up at the tall trees as if they would lead her the way “Mmm… What is that wonderful smell…? Could you spare some crumbs for a starving wolf?” I plead looking at her with sad round eyes and pointing to the basket of cookies “Eww! Get away from me you fleabag! These are for my granny!” She screams back in disgust. “Tell me the way to my granny’s house you slave” Blanch ordered. Although she just insulted me, I smiled slightly, unlike her, the mistress’ grandma is a lovely and kind woman, wise with age. In this case I did not mind helping out the spoiled brat, I point in the direction of her granny’s cottage “Follow this path and you should be there in no time”

As I continued towards my house walking half asleep in the opposite direction I had sent Blanch in, the trees started to thin out and I look up at what should be my house but instead I see a wood cottage with a beautiful red door matching the metal rooster that pointed north on the roof “Uh-oh… That’s not my house… This is granny’s house, well I guess if I walked all the way here I might as well get something out of it… She has always been nice to me in the past I wonder if she has any food to spare…” I hurried over to the door and knock twice on a little spot were the paint wasn't yet cracking “Hello?” I called, I knock again a little harder this time “It’s me Zeke” still nothing, I creek open the door, my furry hand wrapped around the smooth cold metal door knob. I was not even close to ready for what I saw next, my eyes widened and I let out an unsettling gasp, the old granny was lying on the floor beside the bed, I couldn't tell if she was dead or alive. I walked over and she didn't appear to be breathing “Don’t worry I won’t leave you to rot underground” I whispered before eating her up. I mean I wasn't going to let her die for nothing. Suddenly I remembered little Blanchette and how I had accidentally sent her the wrong. I ran over to the door to go find her but as a reached for the knob I hear two knock and a peppy voice “Grandma? Are you in? I baked you some cookies” She spoke in what she called a sweet tone awaiting a reply.

I started to panic, she would be devastated if she found out her grandmother had died, even if it was Blanch, I still didn't want her felling hurt. So I quickly ran into the closet grapping a pair of granny’s garments and threw them on. I leaped into the bed and take a book from the bedside table pretending to read. Another knock came to the door “Oh grandmother, aren't you home?” I faked a cough “In here dear, grandma is not feeling well” The door swung open and Blanch walked in with her red riding hood.

I stare at the trees outside wondering how this will all play out but I was soon broken from my thoughts when the mistress started her rant. “Ugh, it’s so like you to get sick, you’re so inconsiderate after I traveled all this way through this disgusting forest just to come see you” She scowled. I frowned at her, how dare she treat her grandma like that! “Hey now, granny was jus-” I started in old crankily voice before she cut me off “Okay, that’s nice. So anyways like I was saying, on my way here this stupid wolf tricked me and sent me the wrong way, I ended up at his house so I like totally trashed it. Those wolves are so troublesome, I should just have them all killed, Ooh! Good idea let me write that down. That’s wolf’s house is in a nice location, it has a stream right beside it, once the wolf and his family is gone I’ll build a spa where his house was!” She said with mush enthusiasm. I felt my stomach turning, I thought I was going to throw up. Anger and rage started to build inside me.
"Grandmother, what big arms you have!"

"All the better to hug you with, my dear."

"Grandmother, what big legs you have!"

"All the better to run with, my child."

"Grandmother, what big ears you have!"

"All the better to hear with, my child."

"Grandmother, what big eyes you have!"

"All the better to see with, my child."

"Grandmother, what big teeth you have got!"

"All the better to eat you up with!"

I jump out of the bed and ate her in one bite leaving nothing being but her little red riding hood on the floor.

Hearing a scream the huntsman who was checking his traps nearby came to the grandma’s house to see if everything was okay. The huntsman came in through the door, ax in hand. He was a big man who was feared by all the animals, the high mistresses most humble servant. He saw me with a blood stained muzzle holding Blanchette’s red riding hood. The huntsman charged towards me and finally he swung his ax and I fell backwards onto the floor. Dizzy and suddenly feeling sick, as if something or somethings were moving inside of me I hold my stomach. It becomes to much and I hurl, gagging on vomit and other questionable things, up and out go granny followed by Blanch. Turns out that granny only had a heart attack and was still alive. I lay on the cold floor the world that was slowly fading around me. Hot sticky blood glues me to the stone floor and then I heard the sly snicker of Little Red Riding Hood.


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