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ıllıllı cнapter two ıllıllı

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ıllıllı cнapter two ıllıllı

Post by Tsuki on Fri 31 Jul - 18:08

[ cнapтer тwo ]
It had been three weeks since Pluto had joined Hinto and Tsuki. The trio turned out to be quite a compatible bunch. With just the three of them the Alpha found himself talking to the space wolf a lot when Hinto was off doing whatever. Like actually hunting and stuff. What a weirdo. The ivory pelted male promoted Pluto to a Beta. He didn't know why, but he trusted her. Aside from that the time passed by fairly quickly. It felt like they had been friends all their lives and not a few short weeks.

Tsuki lazily stretched out that morning. He woke up later than usual. The Alpha padded towards the kill pile and frowned "Hinto?" muttering something under his breath about him not keeping up with hunting.

"Hey Pluto come here" The dominant called out for his second adviser.

"What is it Tsuki?" Trotting over to her leaders side she answered his call politely.

"Nothing, I just felt like bothering you and disturbing you from your rest" The Beta held a flustered expression momentarily. Sometimes it was hard to believe Tsuki's capabilities in leading. The male scanned the interior vista for the water wolf. Hinto off who know's where, he regarded Pluto a chance to go on a hunt with him.

"Sure. I dont know were to go for hunting."

"Oh I know he perfect place... Come on"


A excellent place to hunt with beautiful flowers year round. Whether you were just hanging around, going for a midday stroll or looking to catch a tasty treat, the meadow was definitely a great place to be no matter the season. Tsuki couldn't hide his excitement, the alpha childishly ran into the flowery meadows. Turning around waiting for his Beta to catch up "Isn't it beautiful?" Ashamed by his own distraction the male turned his attention to a different being. An intruder!

At impossible speeds the zebra like, or better said the tiger patterned canine chased down the sizable stag. With great force the intruder took the herbivorous beast to the ground with a single blow. The Alpha slightly intimidated at first approached cautiously. Even with Pluto at his side, Tsuki did not want to make an enemy of this wolf. "This is not your territory stranger... but if you wish you can join this pack here, Lead hunter? How about it, the offer won't be up forever" Sounding more like a sketchy salesman than a prideful alpha, Tsuki placed his bets that this 'stranger' would actually turn out to be friendly and not the lighting footed animal he first showed off to be.

The striped lupus bowed respectfully and Tsuki let out a silent breath he had been holding in. "I am sorry for breaking into your territory, but I had no where to go... My name is Rain. Would it be possible for me to make Delta?" he asked with a genuine smile.

The Alpha nodded "This is Pluto, my beta female and Hinto, who should be around here somewhere... he is my beta male" Thinking about the elk, he realized it was not impossible speeds Rain was running, this wolf controlled the element of Time. The white male flashed his moon shaped birthmark in response to his sudden realization.

Pluto introduced herself to the new lower ranked member. Despite his amazing strength and ability over his element, Rain was a kind wolf and would soon become a fine asset to the team. Together the three council wolves carried the impressive kill back to the camp.

So this is awful. It's hard to be descriptive working with what I got! I think my writing skills got worse... I legit haven't written since the last time with you guys... But I really wanna work on this >.< I hope it's okay... Also going back and reading some of the things we said... Gotta give it to "Pluto: She chewed on the dead carcass slowly." Picture it. ikr?


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Re: ıllıllı cнapter two ıllıllı

Post by Thundo Puffs on Sun 2 Aug - 19:34

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Re: ıllıllı cнapter two ıllıllı

Post by Tsuki on Wed 5 Aug - 15:33

Hiya! Not sure how long this will last but updates will be Fridays! Expect an update Au-07-2015 (This Friday) Hope you're all reading! With less time on my hands than years before, editing and proof reading aren't on par. If you have any questions, comments or opinions, don't be afraid to ask below! Love ya babes~

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Re: ıllıllı cнapter two ıllıllı

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