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Post by Forest on Thu 10 Sep - 12:24

Silence. It makes us hear things we don’t want to hear. Sitting at your computer in the early morning, trying to write a paper for your class the next day. Your fingers cease from typing for the one millionth time as you struggle to overcome writer’s block. You let your head drop into your hands and despair snatches your mind. As you engage in mental tug-of-war, something interrupts your thoughts. A light knock. You lift your head and gaze around. The sound doesn’t come again, and you brush it off as your imagination. After all, it is 3 am, and you are terribly tired. You place your hands on the keyboard again, fumbling around, trying to think of your next sentence. Just as an idea begins to form, you hear a knock again. Apprehension grows within you as you stare around the darkened room. After having stared at the computer screen for quite a while, your vision is weak and unfocused when you try to observe the shapes of your surroundings. It most definitely was the house settling; you remember it was built nearly sixty years ago. Then again, that’s all the more reason for it to be haunted, right? Ha, as if! You turn back to the computer, but no matter how much effort you put in to focusing on your paper, the knocking noise keeps playing itself in your head, urging you to get up and investigate. Eventually, you give in. You could use a break after all that sitting and typing.
Instinctively, you head to the kitchen. The only sound in the house is that of your muffled footsteps. No wait… Two sets of footsteps? You whip around. Nothing but an empty room behind you. Duh, what did you expect to see? As you open the fridge, the hairs on the back of your neck start to stand on end. It’s just a bit chilly in the house. After grabbing a drink and a snack, you head back to your room, and face the computer once again. Angry with yourself for not finishing this paper earlier, you let out a sigh. No, that wasn’t you. Fear begins to swallow you up with its open jaws. This time you know you heard something, and no matter what excuse you could come up with, it wouldn’t be nearly sufficient enough to brush off this eerie feeling.
Then the knocking comes again, this time three in a row. Feeling extremely nervous, you decide to investigate and prove to yourself that it’s nothing. After turning on the flashlight on your phone, you get to your feet and begin shuffling timidly around the house. You would feel as brave as a paranormal investigator if it weren’t for those dreadful footsteps following you. As you continue to peer into every closet and behind every door, you notice heavy breathing beginning to synchronize with yours. Shadows peel away from the walls as you direct the light beam emanating from your phone. You eventually make your way into the living room, the biggest room in the house. Suddenly, your phone’s flashlight goes out. Confused and alarmed, you look at the screen to see the tell-tale symbol of low battery.
Fear, now rising into the levels of terror, urges you to get back to your room and charge your phone. Just as you turn to exit the living room, the chilling sound of a whisper floats throughout the room. “Don’t go.” You halt in your tracks, terrified, unsure if you should obey the whisper or make a mad dash and get out of there. You choose neither, and slowly make your way over to the lightswitch on the wall. “Just stay here…” Your trembling hand reaches out and brushes against the wall, making its way towards the switch. “Stay and listen…” Your shaky, nervous fingers fumble as you struggle to turn the lights on. “Listen to the…” You flip the switch and the lights turn on. “Silence.”

(Idk man it's storming here and I was in the mood and I just wrote what came to me.)



If you are here on Mr. Vit-Amon-Steve's errand, you've come to the right place! Everything is quiet, and you are relieved to finally come across a town of skeletons. The site of skele kids makes your heart swell. It is a shame their fathers must fight in the War. One of the children aproah you as you emerge from down the street, asking, "Are you the messenger? How is it outside? Are we winning?" You usher the child shut, saying you knew little of the progress the skeleton army makes. The child begins to cry, though no tears came; skeletons don't cry. Thinking fast, you hand him one of the posters, pointing to the strong-boned skeleton on the cover. You assured him that, no matter what, the war would be a skeleton victory.

You pat the child on the skull, throwing over over knapsack to continue on. You catch one final word from the skel child, SKELETON

" ____ SKELETON ____ ____"

If you know the above phrase, please post a reply in the event thread with the proper sentence. If not, you better keep going!


If you have no idea who Mr. Vit-Amon-Steve is, the above does not apply to you! Looks like you have not met (found) him yet...

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Re: Silence

Post by Rain on Sun 4 Oct - 11:44

You're Welcome Vit-Amon-Steve!

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