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Waters Of The Stars

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Waters Of The Stars

Post by Tsuki on Sun 28 Apr - 11:46

The mystic waters of the Valley of the Stars. Once you drink these
sacred waters you are a true wolf of the Valley. Certain wolves who
have sinned in their life can not enter here and become a Valley wolf.
Those wolves slowly evaporate into a this mist and disappear forever.

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Re: Waters Of The Stars

Post by Tsuki on Sun 2 Jun - 21:09

ıllıllı тѕυкι ıllıllı

| Text | Think | Speak | Listen |

Tsuki opened his eyes slowly. He felt as if he had been lying on the ground for a millennium, his body ached and his eyelids were heavy. 'No... Sleep.. Go back to sleep...' He willed himself. Suddenly, with a pang the recent events hit him. With a sudden surge of energy he stood up. Wait... What the... What the hell is going on?!?' He stared down horrified. The wolf's eyes washed over a dirty body of a white wolf. It's mouth was hanging loosely opened and his eyes had glazed over. Tsuki's eye's twitch as he tried to pull his attention away 'Don't look!' He peeled his lid's oped as the instantly searched until his line of view stopped over the wolf's shoulder. The moon mark. 'Why..., Why can I see me?!?'

The moon wolf remembered the mysterious voice he heard in his head. "Die" He recalled. 'No... NO! THIS ISN'T HAPPENING TO ME! This isn't happening...' He tried to cry out loud but no noise escaped his maw. Tsuki would have been easily convinced if someone just then told his he had been staring into space for two days strait he would believe them. What had actually been four minutes later, a grey and white wolf appeared before him. "Hello Tsuki" Unlike the other voice, this voice was kind. Their was no emotion to it but he just knew it would be there if it could. "Who are you?!" He demanded stubbornly.

The wolf before him ignored his question. "Come.... Let's go to the Valley. Unless you want to stay here and turn into mist" The semi-translucent female said behind her back. Tsuki was still in shock "Valley of the stars?? That's where you go when you are dead... I'm dead... How did I die? Yes that's right... The giant metal birds destroyed my home... My pack... But wait... I didn't die from that there was a voi-" The moon wold was cut off. He found himself choking on his own words. The spirit wolf that was guiding him cocked her head back confused "I... Died... I... Don't remember how..." He said in a quiet gasp.

Somehow he forgot. No. There was something making him forget. The voice. The one that spoke to him. What did it say again? Suki couldn't remember. Only that there was one. Like a black hole. It swallowed up his memory in a flash. The wolf shook his head. None of this was happening. None of it. It couldn't be happening. H e was going crazy. Yes that must be it. Suk looked up at the wolf in front of him. "So... Are you... Are you really... I mean like dead? Like a spirit? Who are you? What's your name?" Tsuki had a million questions before he could even think to accept the fact that he was dead.

The alpha turned his head as he walked along. He could see his limp body, his fur tattered with blood and dirt. Then scampered in Jayfeather, the Healer of the pack. He stopped as he say the bodied. Horrified he bolted out of site. 'So this is it? All there is huh? I'm really gone... Gone forever' The gray wolf made Tsuki jump when she suddenly spoke again "My name is Tearla. I am water wolf from way before your time... I'm almost three hundred. This territory is where I lived once. Now, it is my duty to take the wolves who die in this land to the valley She said as if this was all completely normal stuff. Well apparently it was, just all these things were something Suki had only believed to be in a fairy tale.

It took the white wolf to realize that they were now walking up into the sky. From below it looked like blue skies with clouds but from where they were. he saw it. A utopia. A paradise. The most beautiful lands he had every seen before. His breath taken away, or so he thought. He almost didn't notice but his whole time he wasn't even breathing. He sucked in a breath just to test it but no air went it. Guess you don't need tat kind of thing when you were dead. "Where... Where are we?" He managed to squeeze out. "Welcome to the Valley of The Stars" Responded Tearla.

Tearla lead him through a dense forest. Sooner then he expected, he was at where ever Tear was taking him. They stopped at a mountain front. More like a strait up vertical cliff. Their weir two wolves sitting guard of whatever was inside. One was towering over a ginger male. The orange furred male looked like he would have been really tough if it weren't for the fact that he had his tail tucked under his legs, his face in the ground and his ears pinned back. "Behind them is the sacred water of the stars. You will face judgment before you can step inside the hole grounds" Tearla faced Tsuki. "Go on..."

Tsuki walked past her and approached the two guards. He couldn't help but turn his gaze to the ginger wolf that whimpered away. He halted and the two guards glanced at each other before looking back. They nodded and stepped forward and put one of their front paws on his. They stepped back and swung their tail pointing him to the direction of the cave entrance. He did it. He noticed that the wolves who sat around, that some of them were very translucent compared to he was. The ginger wolf looked almost gone. 'I get it... You will disappear if you con't get into the holy grounds' He thought proudly as if he figured out the cure for cancer.

Once inside, he noted that it was very bright. As if the sun was beaming in. He couldn't find the source of the light as it appeared he was in a cave with a roof. Only stone above him. It looked as if he was outside. There were trees that circled watery pond. The cave was misty blurring his vision slightly. Tsuki walked forward. AT first the male was confused. Then suddenly, he knew what to do. Drink he had thought. He stepped forward nervously. Finally he found himself at the edge of the water. He tilted his head down and reached out his tongue slightly. Tsuki slowly inched closer until he broke the surface of the water.

At the speed of light, as soon as he broke the water's surface a sweet tingly sense waved through him and he felt more alive then he ever had before. Tsuki pulled away. Something hot, no burning scorched his neck. it was like a painless pain... As if something was choking him. He looked down at his reflection and saw black runes necklacing his neck like a tattoo. There where symbols, or runes you could say, of the elements and right up front under his muzzle, was larger rune of the moon. Tsuki swung around, surprisingly fast and little effort, he almost toppled over. The two guards were right behind him with their eyes wide is shock. "What is going on?!" He breathed.

He felt power, elemental power surge through his body. What was happening? He had already tested it and it seemed he had lost his power's after he died. Tearla mentioned something along the lines too. Why did he suddenly have power? And what was the black marking that appeared on his fur? He glanced at the two guards, they seemed as if they were in too much shock to even answer him. Or they didn't know. Or both. Tsuki's eyes widened. The two had white designs on their necks as well. At first he thought it was just a pattern of fur. Now that he looked carefully he could tell that they had white runes against their black pelts. The larger one had a rune on his neck saying "Strength" and the other "Speed"

"Nariyai" Said the first wolf. Tsuki turned back to the water only to see a spirit wolf emerge from the water
'Is this normal? Does this always happen?'
Judging form the shocked faces he was getting from the guards he assumed not. The wolf looked down at him. She was beautiful and looked similar to Tear. Tsuki's eyes locked on to the she wolf's markings. They were the same as his. The she wolf smiled. It looked like an approving smile. But what was there to approve? "Nariyai..." He repeated in a whisper. The spirit wolf walked towards him. Sub-consciously he closed his eyes not knowing what to expect. He felt for split second the fur of the gray wolf brush against his own. When he opened his eyes she was gone. All that remained was a cloud of mist as in evaporated in to the air.

A chill ran down his spine. Even so Tsuki felt suddenly calm. The moon wolf turn his body so he was facing the guards. "Welcome to the Kyklos, Tsuki of the Moon" They said in unison.

| Count: 1515 |

{OOC: SORRY GUYS FOR NOT POSTING SOONER. I was ish rushed while doing this so if their are any parts that don't make sense... This was supposed to be more like a info post to explain the Kyklos. The next whatever posts will be the same.}

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