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|| Jayfeather || Lead Healer || Fire || ♂ ||

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|| Jayfeather || Lead Healer || Fire || ♂ ||

Post by Guest on Wed 1 May - 17:56

First topic message reminder :

The Basics:

Name: Jayfeather
Nicknames: Jay, Feather
Age: 4 years
Gender: Male
Rank: Lead Healer
Element: Fire
Breed: Timber Wolf


Coat Length: 1 in.
Pelt Colour: Black
Eye Colour: A cloudy white, with a hint of green.
Markings and Designs: Blue slashes and a green vine/flame thing coming up the inside of his front right leg. He wears a carved tooth on a necklace, and flame and vine designs are carved into his claws.
Scars and Scratches: None
Wolf Build: Medium. Not especially big, but not small either


Personality:Jayfeather has a mixed personality. At times, he's very social, and enjoys playing games with the other wolves. Most of the time though, he's not really a people person. He doesn't really enjoy talking for long periods of time, and hates talking about, or even remembering anything about his past. He longs to find out whether or not his family is OK, the one thing that doesn't hurt to think about. Much, at least. He's terrified to think about his past, and hates anything dead. Because of a freak accident, he is blind. Thus so, he uses his fire to send pulses of heat trough the ground to register what's around, like echolocation. He does this almost unconciously.
Wolf Likes: trees, the wind, heat, quiet
Wolf Dislikes: dead things, the cold,  talking for long
Wolf Strengths: Climbing of trees, sneaking along silently
Wolf Weaknesses:  never really had any fighting training.....and he's blind
Wolf Habits: Climbing things
Wolf Talents: Jayfeather is adept at moving silently


Parents: Mom: Dawntail-earth
Dad: Flamefoot-fire
Pups: none
Best Bud: He feels that he must protect Jay's Wing
Friends: pretty much everyone
Enemies: no one really
Crush: Sapphire, although he knows she's a little too young
Mate: no one. Doesn't mean he isn't looking though.


Extra: Jayfeather has a barely noticeable necklace, a tooth on a leather cord carved by the carvers in his pack and goven to him by his dad
Extra: his claws are carved as well
Themesong: Can't put it here for some reason....but it is Bad Apple music box version.

I was born in a forest a long ways away to the west from here.As a pup,i loved to play with my sisters,and my father was proud of me.So proud,my pack gave me my carvings(in the pack i was in,all ur claws were carved in designs.it meant that you were important,and that you had a future with the pack)One day,away from the cave,i smelt something.It smelled so good!I headed towards the smell.Stumbling blindly,i crossed our borders.i bumped into a bigger wolf.He snarled at me,and i tried to run,but suddenly i was surrounded.They toyed with me,batting me away when i tried to escape.Eventually,they started moving in for the kill.Suddenly my father burst in with my mother and some other wolves.My father shouted,"Run Jayfeather,run!We'll meet again someday!"and i ran.I ran away as fast as I could,towards another forest,where i found a small pack of wolves.They welcomed me,and trained me.When i showed some potential as a healer,they apprenticed me to their healer.I learned some skills,but then the same pack i met when I was younger came,looking for a new territory.they slaughtered the small pack i had lived with for so long,and as i was cornered again and a sense of de-ja-vu returned,i climbed up a tree and run from the side i was on to the other.i jumped down,spraining my front paw,but i kept running,because i knew once they got over the initial shock of my bolting like that,they would come.Again,the de-ja-vu camw,but this time,there would be no new pack.I found another forest,and then lived alone,staying out of trouble.....Until I found this pack. When the camp was bombed, I discovered our alpha's dead body and lost my eyesight at the same time. Recently, I was captured by humans and tested on, along with another. We just returned to camp.

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Re: || Jayfeather || Lead Healer || Fire || ♂ ||

Post by Thundo Puffs on Sat 10 Oct - 22:29

Calm down with the naughty aughty words there, d00ds.
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