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|| The Maaaaaagical Journey || PG ||

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|| The Maaaaaagical Journey || PG ||

Post by Robin on Thu 29 May - 11:13

If you haven't guessed by the title. this is a story about what happened while Jayfeather and I were away for a year. We are collaborating on this story and have been working on this idea for a little while now. This is going to be fairly crazy, just to make it funny. At least we hope it will be funny. IF not, then you fuzzy candles can read it just to find out what happens when an overly active apprentice and a neutral lead healer get stuck together for a year. Very Happy

Jayfeather and I will be switching off to write this story. While it will be posted under my account, Jayfeather will type parts of it while I type other parts of it. Things will probably be a little messed up, simply for convenience of story, so bear with us. Please?


*cough*Stick In The Mud*cough*= Jayfeather
*cough*The Awesome One*cough*= Jay's Wing
"RUN! It's Kuki's Butt!"= Speaking
'I wonder what a toca-pickle tastes like...'= Thoughts
WE R TRAPPED= Chapter Titles
Well this sucked= Flashbacks



Jay's Wing padded along beside Jayfeather, bored out of his mind. Why had Miyuki made him go on an herb gathering trip with Jayfeather instead of his apprentice, Shirano? Well, he wouldn't argue with what his Alpha.... Alphess? had told him to do. For the most part all Jay's Wing did was carry around herbs in a little pouch made of maple leaves and sap. That had been a fun experience...

"Feather, look what I can do!" Jay's Wing had yipped as the two rested in a clearing in a pine forest. He knew Jayfeather couldn't see with his eyes, but that instead he sent out pulses of heat varying in strength to detect what was around him, somewhat like echolocation. He could sense the heat signatures of what was around him, no  matter how faint they were. Which is why Jay's Wing knew that even if he was halfway up a pine tree, Jayfeather would still know exactly where he was. "I'm climbing a tree, like you!" Jay called down at the older male that was below him.  Reaching the top of the tree, he poked his head up through the branches and looked around. The view from up here was spectacular! He knew why Jay used to like to climb so much.

"Get down from there Little Wing! You could hurt yourself!" Jayfeather called up to him, and Jay's Wing sighed reluctantly before heading back down. Unknown to him, his earlier climb up had snapped tons of the little twigs that stuck out all over the branches, and they were now oozing sap. As the young wolf made his way back down, he was covered in a sticky liquid. By the time he touched down on the ground, his entire thick furred pelt and fluffy tail were sticking out everywhere in crazy directions and he was almost waddling around because he was so sticky.

What is this stuff Jay? He inquired, sniffing at the sticky substance that coated his fur. "It's sap Little Wing. It's a defense mechanism of evergreen trees. Come on, we better find a river to wash you off in." WIth those enlightening words, Jayfeather had set off, Jay's Wing waddling along in tow.


Jayfeather looked back at the young wolf that waddled along behind him, just to make sure he was still there. What a silly thing to do, climb a pine tree like that. Sniffing the air, Feather located a source of water, but it was rather far away from where they were at, and in a different direction. Switching courses, he beckoned to jay's Wing with his tail. The pup was probably going to be covered in all manner of thing by the time they arrived at the river. Feather could already sense the heat being transferred into the enormous clumps of pine needles that decorated his paws.

Arriving at the river, Jayfeather turned around to face Jay's Wing, not that he had too. What he saw made a small smile creep onto his face. Jay's Wing had enormous clumps of pine needles all over him, making him look like some porcupine-wolf monster. Enormous leaves from a few maples they had passed were attached all over his face and tail. Suddenly, Jayfeather had an idea. "Jay's Wing, hold still for a bit." he commanded, and the little wolf replied "No problem, take your time. Being covered in pine needles is perfectly comfortable." after spitting some pine needles out of his mouth. Feather carefully peeled the enormous maples leaves off of Jay's Wing and started sticking them together in a sort of skinny egg shell shape, using globs of sap off of Jay's fur every now and then. Once he was finished, he nudged Jay's Wing in the direction of thee river with his muzzle."Go wash off. Watch out for the-" Jayfeather never got to finish, for the little male had run off almost immediately as he had said 'wash'. Unknown to him, there was a small ledge, then a rocky beach of sorts that sloped downwards before you got to the water. Jay's Wing had run right off the ledge, roll-bounced down the rocky beach, and landed in the water with a yip and a splash. Shaking his head, Jayfeather thought 'What am i going to do with this pup?'

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