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Wynd's Creek

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Wynd's Creek

Post by Tsuki on Sun 28 Apr - 11:37


This is a completely dried up creek with hot baked stones. Water anonymously flows on the day and night of the full moon. Named after the great Warrior Healer, Wyndbane, a Wind user (Wouldn't have guessed...).


The occasional small deer or rabbit coming for a drink

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Re: Wynd's Creek

Post by Rain on Sun 2 Jun - 14:46

Rain’s eyes appeared from the shadows. His blue eyes gleamed in the darkness, and the black stripe over his eye was clearly visible. Then a faint whisper was heard. “Clear...” Rain had followed scents for a while now. He had no idea for how long, but he was tired of living the same way as before… Before he even joined the pack he was in. As he crept out of the shade, a pair of wolves tailed him... Breeze and Story. The sound from the creek showered over them with a casual volume.

Breeze inhaled some air through his nose, but he couldn’t catch what his father did. It made him unsure of where they were going. “Dad? Are you sure this is the way? What if mom isn’t here?” He asked silently. His eyes switched from looking at Story and his father, with a questioned look on his face.

Rain looked upon his son with an irritated... No, a sad look. ”Don’t ask that question. She is here. I’ve known her for too long to not recognize her scent. She is here somewhere.” He said and trotted on.

”What if mom has been captured by an enemy pack? Or maybe the terrible humans? What do we do then?” Story asked, as she was about to give up.

”Story… If your mother is in trouble, I promise I will absolutely save her. Don’t you worry. Also, it’s not like she is alone either. If she had been in trouble, your siblings would probably help her as well. Your mother, Pine and Mist is not weak. And I bet Asgata and Fall is there already as well. Wait and see… They will be there… But they still need us there as well…” He said assured, as more familiar scents hit him in the face like an explosion. He started running as they spread around, as he went closer to his destination. His heart raced in hope. He hoped he would see those he loved again soon… Very soon.

”Dad!” ”Wait up!” Breeze and Story yelled at the same time as they ran after their father, trying to catch up with him…

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